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We present to you a set of two advanced educational tools, with which students will gain the skills in loading optimization and technical inspection of a semi-trailer. In both cases, our original software allows them for comfortable, gradual training, as well as for checking the acquired knowledge with complex quizzes.

How it works

In the learning mode of the loading optimization app, the student is handed with all necessary tips, thanks to which it’s easier to gradually master the right patterns of loading the trailers during 4 premade scenarios, considering the matters of order and arrangement of all elements. In the exam mode, each user is completing the tasks independently.

Thanks to the mobile app linked with the training software, the teachers can keep track of the training outcome in real-time on their smartphones. It also allows them to look at the student’s goggle’s vision and give live instructions.

Practicing technical inspection, students can move around the trailer and its surroundings, both in study and exam mode. his way, he gets to know its structure and arrangement of semi-trailer elements in detail.

The technical inspection application independently randomizes the types of faults that we prepared for users to detect. As a result, each time they receive a list of commands, they must approach the task with the same level of care.

Range of inspection tasks:

1. Is the tarpaulin in good condition?
2. Are all sideboards in place and undamaged?
3. Are the pallet stops in place?
4. Are the pallet stops in good condition?
5. Are all mounting brackets in place and undamaged?
6. Is the floor of the semi-trailer clean and undamaged?
7. Are all load securing straps and in good condition?
8. Find marked points to take photos. Take 3 pictures of the set.

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Running on:

Oculus Quest | HTC Vive | HTC Vive Pro
Android | Windows

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Implementing virtual reality solutions in training gives us the comfort of more agile learning. Users can gain practical knowledge while working remotely. It’s also a more accurate way of conducting a course, which allows participants to perfect their skills through many takes.

One solution can save you even half of the time you would need for the traditional course. It’s fast because the system allows participants to jump right into the tasks, without long, theoretical lectures or supplementary meetings. Virtual reality is a long term saving point also when it comes to your budget. Why outsource when you can own all the resources in one system?


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