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For thousands of years the biggest human dream was to fly and feel the birds’ freedom. Leonardo da Vinci, George Cayley, the third Wright brother? Enter our low-poly dreamland and become one of them creating your own flying machine.

How it works

Using the previous product and design experiences, we have prepared the concept of Flying Things – a commercial product addressed to a wide audience interested in original game mechanics.

Our game is a flying vehicle creator, allowing users to build their own plane-like models, using just their creativity and two bare hands. Visually refined and loosely inspired by the steampunk atmosphere, the app does not leave anyone indifferent to its clever and original style. About the user flow: right now the game scenario is stretched between two spaces – a workshop where we create our vehicles, and an open space level, over which we have to fly during the arcade part. Although this is only the game’s core that will be massively expanded by the story mode, which is currently being developed.

Player’s quest is to get the highest score, depending on the distance he has covered. To achieve longer runs, one has to show his or her creative skills in the garage part by assembling and decorating a vehicle that will later help him/her burst through the map. Users get to choose between a wide range of vehicle parts, decorations and paint colors to freely personalize their flying machines.

It is worth noting that none of the plane parts works automatically. This feature eliminates the possibility of using jet engines or rockets. Each airplane is powered solely by a mechanical force generated by the player pulling the levers and moving the cranks. This way, we encourage users to use very natural manual abilities while making the best of this fun element.

Unique qualities










Wings, propellers, and multiple plane bodies – we’ve got everything. You decide which parts to use. Combine them as you see fit. However, the fun doesn’t end with assembling – you have to be creative with colorful sprays and decorations. Feel the artist’s soul inside you!

Will you manage to reach the next island and score the game record? We hope so! Otherwise, you will have a swimming lesson!

Based on the previously developed mechanics and the extraordinary work of our graphic designers, we are pleased to watch one of our key entertainment projects in development. We believe that the full commercial potential of our product will be marked by its next versions, in particular by the adventure mode – a concept that’s currently being developed by our creative team. For more information feel free to follow us on our social channels.

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