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Flying Things is a first-person builder VR game

For thousands of years the biggest human dream was to fly and feel the birds’ freedom. Leonardo da Vinci, George Cayley, the third Wright brother? Enter our low-poly dreamland and become one of them creating your own flying machine.

Wings, propellers, different bodies, ballasts… Decide which parts you want to use and assemble them as you like. Creativity first! Decorate it with colored sprays if you feel that your artistic part is taking over.

Ready? Set? Go! Good luck! Will you fly to another island and beat the high score? Or will you drown with your masterpiece?


Build how you want

As a contraption creator you can mix and match the pieces without any restrictions


Use over 25 unique elements to construct your flying thing.

Beat the record

Fly to the spot and beat the previous record to reach the far end.


Improve your design or try all over again with a different concept


No strings attached! No rules, the physics itself will verify your concept in action.