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Industry XR is a complete service for the implementation and execution of training for industrial institutions.

We take the needs of employees and managers’ plans and apply them to VR and AR space. We are recreating the workplace and programming patterns of activities and behavior in virtual applications. To give full access to every learning session, we design a training control system and transfer the finished product to HMD displays and smart glasses.

Our ready-made solutions are working for many learning purposes, such as inspection, logistic and service workshops. We also design original, new programs for the specific fields of the client’s choice.

What do you get:


Modern and well-matched infrastructure

We select the best available technical solutions suitable for reaching the client’s goals.

Effective training

VR technology makes us learn better. Gaining knowledge through experience is the most powerful way to conduct effective training.

Substantive help

We are a team of experts who talk about expert-level issues in a clear and easily understandable way. Thanks to that, our clients quickly master using the VR and AR equipment.

Support for the whole new projects

As a continuation of previously created demos and mock-ups, we offer an individual approach to redesigning or making a completely new applications, depending on the company’s needs.

We see the significant growth potential for the modern industrial sector. By creating our original products, we show our belief that new technology can successfully increase the professional competence of engineers and industry staff.

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