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Ladies and gentlemen,

Giant Lazer is a Polish company dealing with training for companies using innovative technologies. We ask you to submit a price offer regarding the subject of the order described below.

Ordered object:
Technology for learning intercultural communication with the use of VR technology.
The development process will include the following stages:

  1. Development of player (player) of films in VR mode
  2. Development of technology for introducing interactivity in VR films
  3. Examine ways to record a VR movie from the first person (FPV – First Person View)
  4. Production of a prototype training on welcome in Japanese culture.

Deadline for implementation: 4 months from the date of conclusion of the contract and delivery of the necessary information, no later than August 5, 2019.

The deadline for submitting offers: no later than January 24, 2019.

How to submit offers: in writing or by e-mail to: zap@giantlazer.com

Offer evaluation criterion: the lowest price.

Jakub Korczyński
Mateusz Tokarski