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LabXR is a complete VR solution for schools, universities and business. Our proprietary set guarantees full training flexibility. We offer a coherent and useful educational platform, tailored to the individual client, including a selection of useful applications, appropriate equipment and specialist care. We want to provide ready-made solutions and effectively teach our clients to use VR and AR technologies.

How it works

The idea behind LabXR is to bring companies and educational institutions closer to the innovative, immersive VR training technology. Our experience in cooperation with companies and universities led us to believe that with a conveniently and clearly designed teaching LMS product, every team able to achieve the best training results and thus reach the next level of effectiveness.

LabXR is a virtual library of training programs that allows you to freely download and use chosen products. The system allows you to quickly install and run programs on selected devices supporting virtual and augmented reality, such as VR goggles or smart-glasses. It is also a process control tool that allows you to accurately track the progress of all participants via mobile devices.

Apart from the delivery itself, we also help our clients to install the product on ordered devices. We deal with the process of implementing new technology, from a demonstration meeting to comprehensive implementation and later development services.

Our offer is carefully tailored to the needs of teachers, students and office workers. In case of individual custom orders, the process begins with developing the primary concept and preparing the core of the project made together with our clients. Then we implement ideas on a specific, technical infrastructure, thanks to which our project is easily available and possible to develop according to further needs.

Products available on the LabXR platform: logistics applications for the sami-trailer inspection and loading, Trash Rage – educational recycling-themed game, cybersecurity training, educational games about geometry and geography, as well as 360 video business-related training in Japanese culture.

Works with:

Oculus Quest | Pico Neo 2 | Realwear HMT-1
Tablets | PC
Android | Windows

Unique qualities










Implementing virtual reality solutions in training gives us the comfort of more agile learning. Users can gain practical knowledge while working remotely. It’s also a more accurate way of conducting a course, which allows participants to perfect their skills through many takes.

One solution can save you even half of the time you would need for the traditional course. It’s fast because the system allows participants to jump right into the tasks, without long, theoretical lectures or supplementary meetings. Virtual reality is a long term saving point also when it comes to your budget. Why outsource when you can own all the resources in one system?