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EHS training with 360° video technology

Client – ING Bank Śląski

One of the best known commercial banks on the Polish market, providing services for individual customers, as well as for businesses. Today ING runs more than 300 divisions located in every part of the country. 


EHS training is commonly known as the least anticipated part of work-related courses. It’s usually seen as nothing more than just unpleasant responsibility, rather than a chance to gain important and useful knowledge about preventing ourselves from workplace accidents and injuries. But ING Bank Śląski decided to change that. 

Nowadays, HR departments of innovative and ambitious companies are more often looking for engaging and effective alternatives to traditional EHS courses. Their goal is to gain employees’ focus and keep it sharp throughout the whole training. This way, the human resource managers can stay assured that the staff is properly adopting presented solutions and instructions and that the course itself isn’t just another couple hours of hopeless waiting for one signature on the document.

With that in mind, ING has prepared a real quest for us: to create more likable and accessible EHS training, that will provide participants with useful and practical knowledge.


Our goal was to design the EHS training app integrated with the client’s intranet. We based our project on a series of interactive clips (scenes, time-lapses) created in 360-degree technology. Every one of them was either an introduction of the new panel or a representation of certain situations one might face in the office area. After watching the scenes, every user must react to them by making the right decisions (according to EHS rules) to pass the tests.

Therefore, we carefully recreated the ING office space and the conditions that accompany every given situation. For example those during the fire alarm or sudden resuscitation necessity.

To give the most realistic experience, through the video work and in cooperation with actors, office workers, and even the local fire department, we have successfully applied a storytelling aspect to our project. It was important for us to create an immersive product, helping its users to actively gain knowledge, required in the EHS tests.

Also, because we wanted to make our app accessible for most of ING staff, therefore we have made our training available not only on the PC, but also on mobile devices using the gyroscope, thanks to WebVR system.


By choosing a visually engaging medium – the clips made in 360-degrees technology – we have created a very useful and sophisticated training system dedicated to ING Bank Śląski employees.

We plan to continuously broaden our offer of specialist courses prepared with the use of 360-degrees technology, which will also be helpful in other companies. We believe that thanks to innovative and friendly means, we can practically increase the learning capabilities of modern office workers.