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Gran & the Magic Mineral – mobile game

Client – Lower Silesian Marshal Office

Lowers Silesia is an extraordinary area in terms of the amounts and diversity of natural resources. One of its kind mining infrastructure and the history of mineral extraction makes an interesting history, worth spreading in order to maintain awareness about the local industry tradition. One of Marshal Office’s targets is to promote the historical qualities of the region.

Gran & the Magic Mineral game backpack


Lower Silesian Marshal Office has ordered an educational application dedicated especially to young people. Based on the story oriented on regional mineral production, it was meant to be a game that will blend complex and interesting gameplay with the actual knowledge about specific types of minerals and their processing.

The key element was to incorporate an original and appealing narrative that will accelerate the whole gameplay. Along with it, the app must have present the path of the minerals. From the technical aspects of mining raw materials, through the production process, to the final market. Ultimately it was expected to be a longer experience, that will allow everyone to explore many materials and functions.


Understanding the cultural and educational importance of this project, we’ve decided to infuse a given topic with a bit of magic that will balance the number of honest, technical information.

So we’ve prepared an idea of the tale about the fearless Gran – a friendly gnome that is also a hard-working miner and producer of mineral goods. The main character is a funny and likable compromise between a fantasy world and futuristic sci-fi, which is also a subtle reference to the fine Lower Silesian qualities.

That way, we got an original storytelling base, ready to be filled with given knowledge and gameplay features.

Through planning of Gran’s daily routine, we wanted to show players many aspects of mining (breathing issues, transport logistics, and many more) and types of ore – lignite, coal, copper, sand, silver, gold, salt, uranium, and more. After collecting it, players can use the ore to create alloys and sell them to get money essential for upgrading the mining gear (mineral detector, air container, health potion, or a pickaxe).

While designing the world of Gran, our main objective was to produce a wide game world in which it’s equally important to know the main differences between the given types of ore, as well as carefully crafting valuable objects and trading them in order to help Gran explore the underground. This way, the game could be perpetuated only by the user’s curiosity. And that’s what we believe is essential in case of casual education.


The project, co-financed from the European Funds, became an important case not only for us (as an ambitious approach to mobile game dev) but also for the Marshal Office, which target was, in the end, to commercialize regional values for students and children. Together, we succeeded in producing something that can truly deepen their knowledge of the Lower Silesian economy. Moreover, the game has had its continuation in the later announced artistic contest based on the world of Gran & the Magic Mineral.

Considering the educational value of the game, easy assimilability of information about natural resources, and the possibilities of their processing, we believe that all overall message will be a perfect complement to the knowledge provided by teachers from Lower Silesian schools. – Lower Silesian Marshal Office