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Shelf VR Demo

by Jan 12, 2018

Demonstration VR application for HTC Vive illustrating the concept of training in virtual reality. The aim of the training is to teach employees to arrange goods on the shelves in the store according to predefined rules.
From the distributor’s standpoint, it is essential how many shelves are occupied by his products and how these products are arranged. Distributors pay for the number of faces guaranteed in each store location. They also monitor and verify if his products are displayed exactly as stated in the contract.

How it works?

  1. We’re reading a list of rules
    • Individual brands on specific shelves by type
    • Placement on shelves by weight and also by turnover
    • Certain pairs of products shouldn’t be placed next to each other, etc.
  2. Arrange goods on shelves by rules
  3. The application returns information for each product, whether it was placed in the correct place and according to the rules specified in the list


  • Training in VR engages muscle memory because in virtual reality we perform essentially the same movements in space as if we were arranging goods on a real store shelf
  • There are no consequences of making mistakes by beginners as opposed to training in a real shop
  • Minimizing the need for coaching. The trainee can go through the training himself
  • The app automatically evaluates the progress of the trainee

Other uses

  • Training for retailer’s employees – placing and arranging goods on shelves according to predefined rules (modes: tutorial and exam)
  • Application for designing a shelf layout for distributors and creating mockups for sales representatives
  • Recruitment task for candidates for a market employee

Shelf VR application illustrates the concept of VR training and shows the direction of its development. We are looking for partners from the FMCG industry (producers, distributors, retail chains, discount stores) who can offer expert support at further stages of application development.

We invite interested parties to contact us: zap@giantlazer.com