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Virtual tour inside legendary ORP Orzeł submarine

Partner – Aura Films

AURA FILMS is a Polish production company focusing on high-quality films. The team is dedicated to socially engaged films with a distinctive voice and authentic language, producing film projects as well as engage in international co-productions. Aura Films productions are an extension of these values.


The history of ORP Orzeł is one of the greatest mysteries of Polish participation in World War II, not only because of its daring escape to Great Britain from then neutral Estonia but also because of the unknown circumstances of the submarine’s disappearing.

For decades historians and fans of the Polish military forces have been wondering about the co-ordinates of the place where precisely ORP Orzeł could have sunk or, in other words – where its wreck is now located. We know for sure that Orzeł was patrolling the central North Sea area and heading to Skagerrak strait, located between Sweden, Norway, and the Danish Jutland peninsula. The submarine most likely sunk after sailing into the sea mine or after being mistakingly fired upon by the British aircraft.

To this day, the legend of the mysterious disappearance of the ORP Orzeł is still alive and very fascinating. It inspired the director Jacek Bławut and the other filmmakers to make a full-length score entitled “Orzeł. The Last Patrol “, the premiere of which is scheduled for 2021. A realistic interior of the submarine was built under the direction of the film’s production designer – Marcelina Koniecek-Kunikowska. It was made on the original scale, based on all available technical documentation of the historic submarine, and thanks to the use of a specially constructed hydraulic platform, the filmmakers reproduced the movements of the ship, such as those during surfacing, dives, and during the explosions of depth charges. Our challenge was to digitize the scenery in order to create a virtual walk around the interior of ORP Orzeł.


As part of the project, we had the pleasure to cooperate with the Pure Color Media team, which made spatial photographic material using 360 ° technology cameras. By combining the effects of the photo session that took place inside the ship’s scenery with the construction of the virtual reality space, we successfully recreated the impression of visiting the interior of ORP Orzeł.

This particular application was designed to be an easy and accessible way to present the whole space of the legendary submarine. Made for the Oculus Go headset, every user is able to join the tour just by selecting the application and choosing pre-made directions to move through different cabins of the Orzeł submarine.

Our virtual tour is very intuitive to use because of the simple UI design, based on the arrows and signs that users can interact with. By selecting the desired direction, they can move between the areas, and by clicking on the special icons deployed on the walls, they can unveil specific information about the ORP Orzeł.


We are very happy to be a part of the great “Orzeł. Ostatni Patrol” project and supporting the development of the widely anticipated motion picture about the last days of this magnificent machine. There’s no doubt that the producers are taking big steps to deliver the best historical picture and we are very proud that our humble work became useful for the filming crew.