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The Climate Lab

the climate lab - VR/AR for climate education

VR/AR for climate education

Planet Earth is burning because of human habits, and that’s what 97% of scientists agree with. Now, it’s not easy to accept that the vast majority of our everyday actions have a negative impact on the climate and natural environment. As in many other cases, it’s all about the human error of seeing our ecosystems as self-healing and everlasting, no matter what we – the intelligent human species – are going to do and what resources we would want to use.

In the age of dynamic degradation of the environment and the rise of global temperature, we see Virtual and augmented reality as a suitable tool that can be used to  introduce climate-consciousness and verified knowledge to wide group of users through the immersive media – VR games, AR experiences for cultural or pro bono organizations, applications for schools or virtual courses for universities.

Our objectives

1. Creating immersive VR/AR tools for students and institutions to boost climate education development.


2. Sharing proven and accessible content reflecting climate change and business sustainability.

3. Connecting with eco-conscious startups and enterprises to find innovative solutions for lowering the carbon footprint of our company.

VR experience in the eyes of the animal

The Climate Lab is a project that we develop on the basis of technological VR/AR know-how that we have as a Giant Lazer company, but also on the basis of our previous pro-ecological activities, in particular aimed at educating young people (among others with the Trash Rage  VR game dedicated to recycling and events – presentations of this game in front of students from Wrocław schools).

What is important at The Climate Lab is learning from other businesses. As part of the “Zrównoważeni” podcast (PL), we have talked so far with the Ecosystem Wroclaw, the DODO Foundation, the University of Wrocław, and other sustainable startups. Each of the guests told us how they understand their contribution to climate and environmental protection, and highlighted key issues.

What are we striving for with the project?

First of all, we wish to expand the network of companies and institutions that can exchange knowledge and provide interesting solutions that they have implemented themselves. We also want to create new episodes of the podcast and work with VR/AR for climate education, for example by developing new immersive games (such as the mobile successor to Trash Rage that is currently in production).

Trash Rage Gameplay

Introducing sustainable ideas to business and education

What we try to accomplish with The Climate Lab is to familiarize certain groups of people to climate consciousness. By using new technologies – VR and AR systems – we work to make classrooms and offices more eco-friendly and sustainable. With, for example engaging virtual reality games, we are able to just share valid recycling instructions, show wildlife vulnerability, simulate possible scenarios of climate change effects, as well as teach about the connections between nature and our civilization.

The Climate Lab was established as a result of our interest in promoting good climate practice in VR technology and care for the future of ours and our planet. This is not a ready-made recipe to save the world, but a process by which we become aware and more active.

We are not interested in CSR in the classic sense. We challenge companies by looking for working, valid solutions for business.

Beyond communicating positive massages to other businesses, as well as exchanging cutting edge solutions for greener and much more sustainable prosperity, we are focused on delivering high standard software for innovative schools, universities and institutions. To this day we have worked with such WSB University, University of Rzeszów, Forest Research Institute, European Meeting Center “Światowid” and more. It’s the experience of understanding student’s needs that we use to work on the best possible ideas for immersive projects.

Act now with The Climate Lab

Choosing VR/AR for climate education, we make a step towards much more accessible, effective and lasting education that is also affordable and easy to adjust to different consumers. It’s easy to understand how 3D graphics and interactive gameplay can help different generations with perceiving what really matters in terms of stopping the degradation of our planet.