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Mobile AR / iOS ARKit Apps

User manuals for industrial equipment

After pointing smartphone or tablet camera on a machinery, the application recognizes which model it is and automatically displays a corresponding manual in a form of a checklist. An operator sees precise hints on what activities he should do to maintain the equipment. The applications shows the correct way of doing service tasks displaying a layer of information over the preview.

Navigation based on visual positioning system

Dedicated mainly for logistics purposes – navigating in warehouses and other kinds of industrial facilities this system uses visual hints from the surroundings to find his way where GPS signal is not available. In the most typical use case the system navigates a user through alleys to find a specific rack and shelf.

Augmented reality for exhibitions and trade shows

AR solution for enriching the exhibition experience with additional layer of visual information. Visitors install an app on their mobile devices. Mobile application is used to explain an idea in an engaging and visual way or to show context. Text labels, still 3d models or animations – all enrich the physical installation.