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VR Prototyping Tools

Build and test

We imagine and develop tools that allow to design, prototype and test industrial projects including:

  • Factory layout plans
  • Logistics workflows within facilities
  • Production plant safety applications

The idea behind our prototyping solutions is to deliver a VR applications that allow to quickly mockup a project and test it in virtual environment against the predetermined set of rules and directions.

Library of components

Let’s say you design factory facilities. Our prototyping tool comes with a set of building blocks (components) with which you can quickly layout your factory. The components include a robotic arm, coveyour belts, walls, warehouse racks, human figure models, trolleys and other stuff that’s needed to make up a factory as a whole.

Build it up, mix it up

You can layout your factory in any way you like, change dimentions of your hardware to suit your needs. Plan the communication paths and workflows. Place some dummies and vehicles on the paths. There you have a model of your factory which you can inspect in VR for potential problems. Is this path too narrow for heavy communication? Maybe this corner’s to tight? Or the sequence of assembly stations mixed-up? Just change it and see how it looks in the 1:1 scale.


Making a prototype is quick and easy as well as changing it and mixing it up.
You can see the result in Virtual Reality in 1:1 scale which helps to identify potential problems.
You can visualize and collaborate on your prototypes with the stakeholders. No more difficulties showing others how it all works.