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Trash Rage AR is a mobile experience merging entertainment with climate education.

Our AR app is a continuation of the story presented in a widely acclaimed Trash Rage VR game. Unlike the first one, the second chapter focuses on the issue of ocean pollution, which we have to reduce as players.

Trash Rage AR couldn’t have been created if it hadn’t been for the great support and big faith of the users themself. They fiercely engaged in our crowdfunding campaign, changing it into a success. That’s what finally made us believe that ecological education and the use of new technologies for climate improvement are both important and attractive topics for the people.

The main idea behind our project is to expose this weighty subject of environmental degradation, including the issue of animal depopulation. All the waste we are collecting throughout the game is floating in the path of water turtles, and it’s a player’s quest to protect those animals from eating cans, straws, and the rest of dangerous rubbish while fighting the time limit.

Połączenie zręcznościowego aspektu rozrywki oraz immersyjnej technologii AR sprawia, że użytkownicy mogą z łatwością wczuć się w wyzwanie. To także szansa, by konkurować ze znajomymi o jak najlepszy wynik i wspólnie rozwijać świadomość ekologiczną.

The joint of entertainment and immersive aspects of AR technology creates a enables the users to dive into the game quickly. It’s also a chance for them to compete against friends for the best score and to develop ecologic awareness.

What you get:


Ecological awareness

Trash Rage VR is aiming directly at the matter of environmental pollution, especially on the state of seas and oceans. We are steering player’s perspective towards active counteracting that issue. Our game is created for the use of different generations – teachers and pupils, parents and their kids, grandparents and grandchildren – so they can change the world together.

Innovative educational tool

AR technology used in our app allows us to deeply enjoy the gameplay, therefore to effectively understand an actual idea that stands behind this project. Ane that is to promote responsible habits and teach how meaningful and impactful our actions are.

Mobile entertainment

Made for the smartphones and tablets, Trash Rage AR gives players easy access to the gaming experience – wherever and whenever they want. It’s also a chance to compete with friends and with family for the best score in given time.

There’s only one Earth. Luckily, there are enough people to help it thrive. Trash Rage AR shows us, how easily we can join the pro-ecological movement and help to rescue global wildlife. Let’s start with dealing with all that plastic!