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Use VR
to clear the way
for better future

Use VR
to clear the way
for better future

Smog, waste overflow, environmental degradation – no one wants it, and yet every other day we are contributing to those issues, without any concern. Trash Rage is an educational VR game in which our quest is to clean the post-apocalyptic, polluted Earth from all the waste. A futuristic exoskeleton will come handy if you want to defeat the evil, rubbish-throwing robots.

How it works

Through the Trash Rage VR game, we want to spread useful knowledge about ecological themes, like practical recycling instructions, but also show that our planet’s future is in our hands.

The main story of Trash Rage VR is based on a post-apo scenario in which our planet is polluted to the point where people became extinct. Well, nearly. In a world full of toxic waste, ruled by dangerous but intelligent machines, the player is the last human that is given a chance to change everything. By using futuristic technology, he or she is able to sort all the trash, defeat vicious robots, and create a new, better place to live.

By using specific movements, the player must catch all the litter thrown by evil machines and then put it in the right bin. It takes master-level coordination skills, good reflex, and actual recycling knowledge to reach the highest score. 

Trash Rage VR is an innovative way of introducing climat-change topics to students, no matter what age and at which education level they are. The game is meant to be a universal product that can inspire anybody to become more considerate about waste management issues. The idea behind it was to create the best most appealing way to start the adventure with strict recycling.

Why choose virtual reality? It’s an engaging, entertaining, and highly effective technology that helps users to fully experience the lessons and take actual actions. Using VR applications is proven to be a very good way of incorporating specific ideas by activating muscle memory that is the most powerful of human learning mechanisms.

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Running on:

Oculus Quest | HTC Vive | HTC Vive Pro
Android | Windows

Unique qualities










Trash Rage, being an advanced virtual reality experience, is designed to merge physical activity and practical knowledge about the main principles of modern recycling. By engaging its users with simple yet very dynamic gameplay, we wish to effectively share good examples of climate control habits that everyone is able to incorporate in their life.

Trash Rage transfers the users away to not that distant future, where the polluted and desolate Earth is being ruled by the hostile artificial intelligence. This unpleasant place is just waiting to be saved by the brave. 

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