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Trash Rage is an educational VR game

The Player’s main quest is to clean the post-apocalyptic, polluted Earth from all the waste. A futuristic exo-skeleton will come handy if you want to defeat the evil, rubbish-throwing robots.

Smog, waste overflow, environmental degradation – no one wants it, and yet every other day we are contributing to those issues, without any concern.

Through the Trash Rage VR project, we want to spread the useful knowledge about ecological themes, like practical recycling instructions, but also show that our planet’s future is in our hands. 

By joining the game, you can:


Become an eco-hero

Every player’s quest is to save the Earth. To do that, it’s important to learn about the recycling basics, all types of waste, and about the smog – it’s characteristics, causes, and dangerous impact.

Travel in time

Trash Rage transfers the users away to not that distant future, where the polluted and desolate Earth is being ruled by the hostile artificial intelligence. This unpleasant place is just waiting to be saved by the brave.

Develop physical skills

Trash Rage is a motion game that combines arcade elements with reflex and memory training. 

Participate in something more

Our idea doesn’t end in the VR world. We want to transfer its useful knowledge also into real-life action. That’s why Trash Rage will also debut in the AR version. More info soon!

Less Waste Ecogadgets

Everyone is able to change the course of history. Become a part of the largest #trashchallenge ever and save the environment.

The Earth is our common good after all.