Talk @ European VR/AR Congress 2017 :: VR/AR for Industry


VR and AR are not only for entertainment. The consumer market obsessed with entertainment doesn’t notice a silent revolution going on … the birth of Homo Augmentus. A new type of Meta-Human that excels at work and even life. Immersive technologies are more and more invading the fields of education, medicine and industry. This is the real battlefield for VR/AR although we still lack the software and ever leaner hardware.In this talk we will point out how a practical VR/AR platform might look like and work. We will show the most promising use cases and show what works for industry. We will also speak about a project that combines VR and AR into one united training experience. Is this the perfect “inception”?!

You will find out:

  1. How to merge human and machine?
  2. What are the use cases for VR/AR in industry?
  3. Who and how uses immersive technology in industry?
  4. What is Assisted Reality?
  5. Can VR and AR play side-by-side in one unified experience?
  6. What is a “hands-free” experience?
  7. How to augment “vision picking” in the real world?

Who is it for?

If you work in logistics, production or the automotive sectors then this talk is for you. People interested in new technology and the future of work will also enjoy this talk.See you @ European VR AR Congress 2017 . Talk starts at 11:45 on Friday (24.11.0217)You can also read more on VR in Industry on our blog. Feel invited!