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Company (Un)hacked


Effective cybersecurity training - play the role of a hacker and learn to defend yourself against threats.

From 2 500 euro

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Trash Rage VR

Recycling education in VR

An ecological movement game that teaches the rules of recycling through competition.

From 2 500 euro

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Lab XR

VR/AR innovation management system

Program for handling VR / AR solutions in education and business - class statistics, remote collaboration, and more.

From 5 000 euro

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Culture Coach

Learn Japaneese business etiquette

Immersive training in business communication with Japanese contractors.

Od 5 000 euro

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Industry XR

Industry 4.0

Comprehensive VR / AR innovation management system for industry - training and process support.

From 5 000 euro

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Semi-trailer inspection

Logistics training

Innovative training in the field of optimizing the loading of a semi-trailer

From 2 000 euro

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