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Ask us any questions about VR, AR, or the use of immersive technology in education. The consultation is:

  • completely free,
  • non-binding – we want to help you, not sell a product,
  • fast and to the point – arrange a preferred date to receive 30 minutes of free consult

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Our clients

What exactly can we
talk about during a consult?

You can ask us any question that will help you better understand the world of virtual technologies. Examples include:
  • How to use VR / AR in education or business?
  • How much can a dedicated application cost?
  • What does the application support look like?
  • Do I need special staff for this?
  • Can I see how such a VR works (in which case we will organize a free demo)
  • Is my idea for an application/game possible to materialize?

Who you can talk to

One of the Giant Lazer’s experts in the field of VR, AR, and MR will answer your questions.
Jakub Korczyński
Mateusz Tokarski
Jakub and Mateusz both have extensive experience in the industry and are happy to support you at the beginning of your VR/AR path – no matter what your questions may be.

Set the meeting on the preferred date

Of course, you don’t need to have expert-level knowledge. We are here to help you understand the technology.

You’d rather have a good read?

Check our free E-book that presents all the vital information in the field of VR / AR / MR.