VR applications for education

Modern applications that allow you to move to other locations, situations, and roles are also an ideal solution in case of a hybrid education model. We offer a range of ready-made educational applications. We also build educational programs on request.

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Educational VR applications – how do they work?

More focused and
involved students

 Exercises conducted with the help
of modern technologies are an interesting
and engaging experience each time.

More measurable educational effect

In addition to great fun, VR and AR can provide
solid educational effects. A specially developed
application can transfer knowledge and skills
in specialized areas, such as Cybersecurity.

Easy to use technology

You don’t need extensive knowledge of how modern VR/AR technologies or applications work. We guide each client through the process step by step, helping to understand and adapt every possible aspect to their needs.

Our educational VR applications

The following 4 applications are our flagship, refined products that can be implemented at a university, school or other educational institution. Ready-to-use means low price and quick implementation of a universal product. We offer VR applications combining education with fun, such as the Trash Rage VR application, dedicated to the topic of recycling.

Flying Things

Build planes and fly in VR



Company (Un)Hacked

Cybersecurity VR training



Trash Rage VR

Recycling education through the gaming experience



Lab XR

An innovation management system for your company



Additional services we can provide you with:

Dedicated training for a teacher,
lecturer or other school employee

Extended care

Creation of a special
laboratory with VR equipment
at the university

Selected implementations of VR applications for education

Take a look at our case study portfolio of VR applications for education:

VR applications for schools, kindergartens, and educational institutions


In order for the VR / AR training program to function efficiently in a school or academic environment, you will need VR goggles, appropriate gaming computers, a server for Lab XR software, an efficient Wi-Fi network, and a specially adapted space.

Regardless of the level of education the facility presents, our VR applications for children are experiences tailored to your needs. From simple sensational games and movement experiences to specific, educational virtual classes with the use of graphs and visualizations.

Is VR/AR safe during the Covid-19 pandemic?

For the covid-19 safety, we recommend disinfection and reasonable sharing of the equipment. There are many solutions for effective cleaning of VR / AR devices. Remember that some of our solutions can be run on employees’ equipment without having to organize crowded meetings.


Container for disinfecting
goggles with UV rays.

Disinfecting liquid

to spray and wipe
headsets after each use.

Disposable covers

 for the part of the goggles that come
into contact with user’s face.

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