VR applications for
industrial companies

Thanks to virtual and augmented reality solutions, we equip industrial plants with the most modern training systems and programs supporting technical processes.

Develop customer competencies conveniently and effectively.

VR application use in industrial companies

Innovative operation for everyone

Contemporary VR devices and smart glass solutions eliminate many spatial limitations. This is an effective way to develop employees’ competences in the field of prototyping and simulation operation

Safer trainings

Employee health and the company’s work cycle are safe during virtual training. With their help, preparing the team to operate in difficult conditions or with new machines is pleasant and risk-free.

Tools for managers and specialists

One of the aspects that are sometimes overlooked in the context of VR / AR systems are integration with the intranet and document management. Connecting to mobile devices and databases is the key to structured VR training and inspection.

Our VR applications used in industry cases

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The Giant Lazer addresses the needs of innovation managers and training organizers.

Lab XR

A complete innovation management system for your company


Semi-trailer inspection in VR

Proven and effective application for logistics and industry


Company (Un)Hacked

Play the role of a hacker and learn about cybersecurity rules


Selected implementations of VR applications for industrial companies

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Virtual reality in industry


From the production of 360º video walks to full-size, extensive 3D programs for top-class devices – industrial applications of VR applications for industry are as versatile as they are innovative.

By transferring experiences and specific professional challenges to virtual reality, employers are able to dynamically and effectively train new employees in the field of health and safety. They can also to allow employees to perform specific activities, such as operating machines or collecting parcels using VR logistics applications.

Thanks to precision controllers, industrial workers can acquire key skills without having to shut down critical parts of production lines or stop processes. Everything happens in one place, using virtual objects.

Is VR/AR safe during the Covid-19 pandemic?

For the covid-19 safety, we recommend disinfection and reasonable sharing of the equipment. There are many solutions for effective cleaning of VR / AR devices. Remember that some of our solutions can be run on employees’ equipment without having to organize crowded meetings.


Container for disinfecting
goggles with UV rays.

Disinfecting liquid

to spray and wipe
headsets after each use.

Disposable covers

 for the part of the goggles that come
into contact with user’s face.

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