AR applications for companies

We create AR applications for companies looking for easily available innovation. We create training programs, and digitally support complex production and logistics processes. Augmented reality is a response to the needs of warehouse employees, marketing departments, and creative teams.

Augmented reality in business

Creative applications for designers

Cooperation on architectural projects? Prototype review? Everything is possible when employees can work with virtual 3D models. AR applications for businesses save materials, time, and resources.

A new class of digital marketing

Each smartphone is a potential place for your ad to appear. AR applications effectively encourage users to learn about new brands thanks to entertainment and interactivity.

No more human error

An employee equipped with AR (smart glass) glasses has direct access to technical information or an immediate connection with an expert. Staff equipped in such a way will meet any challenge.

Our AR applications for business

The following applications were created for quick implementation in companies. Ready applications mean a preferential price and savings in production time. It is also a response to the specific needs of innovative institutions.

Lab XR

A complete innovation management system in the company


Training: use of smart glass for trailer inspection

Learning to use the smart glass protocol in logistics


How to use AR applications in business?

AR applications for companies create many development opportunities. Examples of the use of this type of software include:


  • industrial applications for smart glass glasses
  • mixed reality visualization programs
  • promotional games for smartphones and tablets
  • social media advertising overlays and filters
  • training materials activated by QR codes
  • product visualizations for e-commerce

Additional services

Pre-implementation analysis, thanks to which
you will get a picture of your needs
and potential solutions

Extended care

Installation of new equipment
and training in its use

Selected implementations of AR applications for companies

Check out sample projects from our portfolio

Creating an AR application for your company


Starting with the analysis of the client’s materials and selecting the target equipment, we create AR applications for companies based on specific assumptions and goals. Content tailored to the user is a guarantee of the effectiveness of augmented reality systems.

Knowing all the guidelines, we can create a concept, application prototypes, and initial UX (user experience) design. Tested in the second phase of work, the program can then be filled with target 3D models and texts and adapted to specific systems (iOS, Android, Microsoft). The final phase is the last usability tests, sounding the AR application, as well as compiling a version for application stores or internal innovation management systems.

Is VR/AR safe during the Covid-19 pandemic?

For the covid-19 safety, we recommend disinfection and reasonable sharing of the equipment. There are many solutions for effective cleaning of VR / AR devices. Remember that some of our solutions can be run on employees’ equipment without having to organize crowded meetings.


Container for disinfecting
goggles with UV rays.

Disinfecting liquid

to spray and wipe
headsets after each use.

Disposable covers

 for the part of the goggles that come
into contact with user’s face.

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