Lazer Anatomy VR — human anatomical model simulator

Enrich students’ education with realistic anatomical models in VR and PC versions.




“The Lazer Anatomy VR app enables direct interaction with anatomical layers, which, together with additional modules such as quizzes and 3D models of microscopic structures, provides a valuable educational resource for our students and faculty. It is an advanced tool that integrates perfectly with our medical curricula, enabling students to interactively and precisely explore anatomical structure, significantly improving the quality of classes.”

Marek Niedziela, head of the IT Service Department at the Tarnow University

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Key features of Lazer Anatomy VR

To fully realize the educational purpose of the application, the Giant Lazer team faced the challenge of creating a high-quality tool that is friendly to both students and lecturers. Hence, the application includes functionalities such as:

  • Exploration of the full anatomy of men and women. Anatomy can be explored using a diagram with described structures, or using the “Hide” and “Isolate” functions, which allow you to discover individual anatomical layers and deepen knowledge in an interactive and immersive way.
  • Realistic 3D bones, microscopic sections and animations. Users can explore anatomy through interactive 3D microscopic structures and 3D bones based on reality dissecting materials.
  • Quizzes to consolidate students’ knowledge. Quizzes to consolidate students’ knowledge. Lecturers can create questions and answers and activate a given quiz for students at a convenient time.

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