VR use in training

VR health and safety training, virtual educational classes for employees, visualization of procedures – these are just a few examples of the use of virtual reality technology in the field of developing employee competences. Innovative companies are already looking for new ways to raise qualifications and educate staff. VR applications are an effective answer to this need.

See, touch, and act within VR trainings

User-friendly technology

VR training applications do not require advanced operating skills. Just start the program, choose a scenario and start training. Additionally, the interactive formula is an interesting variation for users.

VR training answers your needs

You can carry out even very complex training in virtual reality, saving space, time, and resources, with the certainty that employees will be safely and effectively educated

Accessible knowledge

Training is unequal training. Unlike standard lectures, VR classes allow employees to jump into the middle of events and take the initiative freely. In this way, the brain center responsible for long-term memory is activated more strongly.

Our VR trainings

The most modern training with the use of VR is waiting for implementation. Discover ready-made products and join the group of companies looking to the future.

Company (Un)Hacked

Play the role of a hacker and learn about cybersecurity rules in the company


Culture coach

Learning Japanese business etiquette in VR




Lab XR

Complete training management system




Semi-trailer inspection training

Learn about the smart glass use in logistics through the VR experience



Health and safety training using VR technology

By implementing subsequent orders for VR training applications, Giant Lazer has gained experience in working with many industries in which our clients specialize. These are, among others, HR teams, specialists in the implementation of R&D projects, health and safety trainers, warehouse logistics experts, as well as managerial staff.

We create training that offers both learning in small steps and evaluation of acquired knowledge in the form of exams. Thanks to our proprietary learning management platform, as an organizer you can gain insight into each training session, along with statistics and additional information.

Additional services

Pre-implementation analysis,
thanks to which you will get a picture
of your needs and potential solutions

Extended care package

Installation of new hardware
and training in its use

Which industries most often use VR training?

See our case studies based on specific VR applications

What does VR training help with in business?

Is VR/AR safe during the Covid-19 pandemic?

For the covid-19 safety, we recommend disinfection and reasonable sharing of the equipment. There are many solutions for effective cleaning of VR / AR devices. Remember that some of our solutions can be run on employees’ equipment without having to organize crowded meetings.


Container for disinfecting
goggles with UV rays.

Disinfecting liquid

to spray and wipe
headsets after each use.

Disposable covers

 for the part of the goggles that come
into contact with user’s face.

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