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Lab XR. We make VR/AR app
management easy for you

With our Lab XR solution, you’re all set for your corporate training and VR classes.

Virtual Reality help us grow,
and become better students or employees


Using VR, you can
reduce the training time
by this percentage

(source: United Rentals)


Value to be achieved
by the market of educational
VR applications by 2025

(source: Statista)


The retention rate for information
presented in VR versus 10% if the
same information was read.

(source: Lenovo)

By using virtual reality, students stimulate their muscle memory and learn through first-person experiences. This is the key to practical problem-solving training.

How is VR technology management different
from the usual innovation supervising?

By using the Lab XR solution, you can be sure that access to your applications remains convenient and easy. Users can enter the virtual world in an instant, and you gain control over their progress thanks to the integration with PC and smartphone.

Classes are held in virtual reality (VR)

What does it mean?


Fully immersive learning.

No more looking at the phone or talking during a presentation. In virtual reality, we only devote our full attention to science.

No more dull presentations

The participants will thank you for the interesting course, and you will enjoy the effectively trained group.

Gain control over your training


Lab XR allows you to carry one remote cooperation with each student. Thanks to the software, you will learn about the team’s results and generate the necessary reports and certificates.

Lab XR means comprehensive support


The premise behind LabXR is to bring companies and educational institutions closer to the innovative, immersive VR/AR training technology.

We help you to install the system on the ordered devices, and we also provide all the instructions on how to use it.

What Giant Lazer apps does the Lab XR support?


  • Training on inspection and loading of a semi-trailer
  • Educational recycling game Trash Rage VR
  • VR training in the field of cybersecurity
  • Virtual geography and geometry lessons
  • Japanese business etiquette training
  • Plus any dedicated projects you wish for

One system for many tasks. Lab XR gives VR education a new meaning. Importantly, the program is available as a subscription, and we support you during its installation and implementation.

How can our software
help you on an everyday basis?

This will allow your users to quickly
access the application

No more waiting for distant training dates and additional exams. You can turn on the Lab XR right away and use it when you need it. Just log in and choose the application you are interested in.

It will provide access to the results of each participant to track individual progress

Thanks to the mobile application connected with the training software, teachers can follow the training results in real-time on their smartphones.

With our system, you have all
the processes at your fingertips

Browse the application library, saved documents, and virtual databases without going through corporate departments and bureaucracy.

What will happen
if I order Lab XR?

We will help you choose suitable
hardware and apply most useful VR tools.

You don’t have your Virtual Reality gear yet? No problem. We will select and order it for you.

We will implement the application in your company and show you how to use it.

Working with VR takes at least some experience. Let’s build yours together.

In case of any questions or problems, we are always at your service.

We know that complex technologies are simple only for us. That is why we are always happy to help and advise you.

Frequently asked questions

How much is it approximately?
Check out our price calculator. The cost of an app license depends on the number
of users and devices, as well as other factors related to your business.
Can i see the game live before i buy it?
Of course — we will be happy to demonstrate the operation of the application
at any time convenient for you. We want its operation to be clear to you.
Can I be sure VR is the right choice for me?
The impact of immersion, i.e. the addictive nature of VR, on learning new skills has been confirmed
by scientific research, among others by Stanford University. It is a solution that stimulates memory and builds lasting knowledge.
Is my company ready to implement VR?
If you have a free space of two square meters in your office with access
to electricity and WiFi, you actually have everything you need.
I have not had any contact with VR. Is it a problem?
Not at all. We are here to help you comfortably implement VR solutions.
We will guide you through the entire process and give you all the necessary tips.

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innovation management

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