VR applications for companies

We help bring breakthrough VR / AR solutions to modern entrepreneurs, providing them with original and practical training software for employees, creating eye-catching promotional applications, and adding splendor to industry events.

Get to know our experience and proven technological solutions.

How can I use VR applications in business?

Training space tailored to your needs

Saving space, time, and resources, you can carry out even very complex training in virtual reality with the certainty that employees will be educated safely and effectively.

Interactive tools 2.0

VR and AR systems leave no doubt as to their impact on communication. With them, you can create original promotional campaigns or remote collaborations systems for your team.

Expert-level support

You do not know which VR / AR equipment will be best for your project? You are wondering how to create an optimal space for virtual work? Do you need a partner responsible for VR/AR programming and design process? We are here for you.

Our VR applications for business

The following applications are our flagship commercial products that we can implement on the
selected equipment in your company. Ready applications mean a preferential price and quick implementation.

Lab XR

A complete innovation management system for your company


Culture coach

Learning Japanese business etiquette in VR



Company (Un)Hacked

Play the role of a hacker and learn about cybersecurity measures


This is how we will create a VR app for your business

We work with clients from start to finish: all the way from cooperation at the conceptual stage, to finalizing the project on the occasion of implementation. We have extensive experience in VR/AR project management, and our team of programmers and graphic designers can be characterized by versatility and compliance with the highest requirements. References, review materials, documentation – we work with them regularly, and we use them to prepare useful VR applications for companies.

Additional services

Pre-implementation analysis of what you need
and available solutions overview

Extended support

Installation of new equipment
and training in its use

Selected implementations of VR applications for companies

Take a look at our case study portfolio

What VR applications have to offer for business?

Ecologically-responsible cooperation


We are committed to growing as a sustainable business, conscious of climate change and environmental degradation issues. TO achieve more, Giant Lazer created a dedicated team of experienced specialists that work on extraordinary projects in the field of environmental and social education.

Choosing only valuable innovations


Thanks to contacts with manufacturers of VR / AR equipment, such as HTC or Pico, we have an insight into the latest technological solutions for companies. We stay up to date with what is happening on the virtual and augmented reality market, adjusting our applications to portable and multifunctional devices.

Is VR/AR safe during the Covid-19 pandemic?

For the covid-19 safety, we recommend disinfection and reasonable sharing of the equipment. There are many solutions for effective cleaning of VR / AR devices. Remember that some of our solutions can be run on employees’ equipment without having to organize crowded meetings.


Container for disinfecting
goggles with UV rays.

Disinfecting liquid

to spray and wipe
headsets after each use.

Disposable covers

 for the part of the goggles that come
into contact with user’s face.

Are you interested in a custom design, or a ready-to-use product?

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