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Trash Rage VR.
First ecologically themed VR game

Trash Rage VR provides unique gameplay with elements of recycling knowledge

Environmental education in VR ensures
the concentration and commitment of participants


The recipients of virtual lessons are so many times
more emotionally involved than the participants
of the traditional lessons.

(source: PwC)


The retention rate for information presented in VR versus 10% if the same information was read.

(source: Lenovo)


So many more participants in virtual lessons
feel more confident in their skills
compared to participants in traditional courses

(source: PwC)

Entering the world of Trash Rage VR, players can feel responsible for our planet. Thanks to the ecological game, anyone learn the rules of recycling in a pleasant and original way

Post-apocalyptic adventure

The educational game Trash Rage VR invites the user to visit the Earth at a time when the planet is almost completely polluted.

In a world full of toxic waste ruled by dangerous machines, the player is the last person given the chance to change the course of history.

By performing certain combinations of moves, the player must catch all the rubbish thrown by evil robots, while throwing them into the appropriate containers.

Trash Rage can inspire anyone to change their habits. It works well in schools, at events, during ecological meetings in companies, community centers, and museums

Virtual reality edutainment is a new
quality in the transfer of knowledge

What does it mean?


Let’s experience it ourselves

Nothing stimulates memory more than first-person experiences. This is what virtual reality enables, putting users right in the middle of the events.

An interesting form of learning

Even very detailed issues gain a new dimension with VR technology. Thanks to muscle memory, our mind comprehends faster and more, and in addition, retains knowledge for longer.

Dynamic gameplay and practical knowledge

Trash Rage VR is much more than a virtual ecological game. Thanks to
the fact that users of VR goggles have a full range of movements
and interactive controllers at their disposal, we can offer players
an adventure using reflexes and physical activities. In this way, everyone
can take part in the fun with all of themselves.

Trash Rage VR game appreciated in the world

Since its premiere, the educational game Trash Rage has gained a lot of fans, both among the media, as well as cultural institutions and educational institutions.

Who was talking about Trash Rage VR?


  • VR Focus magazine placed the game in the top 10 educational VR games of 2019
  • the popular VR Scout portal also wrote about the game
  • the game was promoted on the official Vive blog
  • viewers of the TV news channel heard about the game
  • Trash Rage VR was the subject of materials on Radio RAM and wroclaw.pl

What can I expect from
the Trash Rage VR app?

We will help you choose the equipment
and adjust your space to
the needs of the game.

You don’t have VR gear yet? Are you looking for
the best setting for your users? This is not a problem
– we will do everything for you.

We will efficiently introduce your
team to the rules of using VR

We make sure that the operation of hardware and software is simple and transparent from the very beginning. We provide a professional implementation in the use of the application.


In case of any questions,
we are here to help you

We know that innovative technologies
are simple only for us.

That is why we are always happy
to advise you and share our knowledge.

Frequently asked questions

How much is it approximately?

The cost of an app license depends on the number of users and devices, as well as other factors related to your business.

Can I see the game live before I buy it?

Of course — we will be happy to demonstrate the operation of the application
at any time convenient for you. We want its operation to be clear to you.

Can I be sure VR/AR is the right choice for me?

The impact of immersion, i.e. the addictive nature of VR, on learning new skills has been confirmed
by scientific research, among others by Stanford University. It is a solution that stimulates memory and builds lasting knowledge.

Is my company ready to implement VR?

If you have a free space of two square meters in your office with access
to electricity and WiFi, you actually have everything you need.

I have not had any contact with VR/AR. Is it a problem?

Not at all. We are here to help you comfortably implement VR solutions.
We will guide you through the entire process and give you all the necessary tips.

Environmental education is the first step to change the world for the better

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