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VR training:
Semi-truck inspection

Gain a convenient training tool for future Industry 4.0 workers

Modern VR training is a guarantee of high commitment and an efficiently conducted course


You can even reduce the training time by using VR

(source: United Rentals)


The value expected to be achieved by the market of educational VR applications by 2025

(source: Statista)


The retention rate for information presented in VR versus 10% if the same information was read.

(source: Lenovo)

The effectiveness of virtual reality training is therefore not only confirmed by the research carried out so far, but also by the growing interest of global companies. By investing in VR, you choose future-proof and effective solutions.

How does the VR course for logistics
differ from regular training?

You can conduct VR training wherever you want and whenever you need it.
All you need is goggles and a little space. Our course contains up-to-date
and professional knowledge that will prove great in practice.

The training is taking place
in virtual reality (VR)

What does it mean?


Fully immersive experience

No more looking at the phone or talking during a presentation. In virtual reality, we only devote our full attention to training.

End of boring presentations

Employees will thank you for an interesting course, and you will enjoy effectively trained staff.

You control the development of your employees


Our training is part of the LAB XR software, which allows you to view the progress of each student. With us, you will learn about the team’s results and generate the necessary documentation and certificates.

Assessment and loading of the semi-trailer

By practicing the technical inspection and loading, students can move around the trailer and its surroundings, both in study and examination mode. In this way, they learn about its structure and arrangement of elements in detail.

What questions will the participants seek answers to?


  • Is the tarpaulin in good condition?
  • Are all sideboards in place and undamaged?
  • Are the pallet stops in place?
  • Are the pallet stops in good condition?
  • Are all mounting brackets in place and undamaged?
  • Is the floor of the truck’s trailer clean and undamaged?
  • Are the load securing straps in good condition?

The application for learning technical inspection independently randomizes the types of defects to detect. So they have to approach the task with the same attention every time.

How will our VR application
prove itself in your tasks?

It will allow your team to access
convenient training.

In the learning mode, the student receives all the necessary tips, thanks to which it will be easier for him to gradually master the correct patterns of loading trailers in 4 ready-made scenarios.

Provides access to the results of each
participant to track individual progress.

Thanks to the mobile application connected to the training software, teachers can follow the training results in real time on their smartphones.

The app will ensure that the current professional guidelines
are accurately communicated and maintained
up to international standards

The division of each of the two pieces of training into the learning and test stage allows for the gradual acquisition of knowledge and familiarity with the required terminology and practical tasks.

What can I expect after
buying this VR training?

We will help you choose the equipment
and adjust the applications to your needs.

You don’t have VR gear yet? It’s not a problem,
we’ll take care of everything for you.

We will implement the application in your company and show you how to use it.


In case of any questions or problems,
we are always at your service.

We know that complex technologies
are simple only for us.

That is why we are always happy
to help and advise you.

Frequently asked questions

How much is it approximately?
Check out our price calculator. The cost of an app license depends on the number
of users and devices, as well as other factors related to your business.
Can i see the game live before i buy it?
Of course — we will be happy to demonstrate the operation of the application
at any time convenient for you. We want its operation to be clear to you.
Can I be sure VR is the right choice for me?
The impact of immersion, i.e. the addictive nature of VR, on learning new skills has been confirmed
by scientific research, among others by Stanford University. It is a solution that stimulates memory and builds lasting knowledge.
Is my company ready to implement VR?
If you have a free space of two square meters in your office with access
to electricity and WiFi, you actually have everything you need.
I have not had any contact with VR. Is it a problem?
Not at all. We are here to help you comfortably implement VR solutions.
We will guide you through the entire process and give you all the necessary tips.

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