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Company (Un)Hacked. Cybersecurity VR Training

What is the VR Company (Un)Hacked app?

Company Un(Hacked) is a practical virtual reality course that increases employee awareness about cybersecurity and data protection. Together with Giant Lazer, it prevents significant losses caused by hacker attacks, because a properly trained employee creates a safe company.

Partner – Sun Capital

This product was created in cooperation with Sun Capital, an IT company specializing in distribution, implementation, consulting and training in cybersecurity.

Company (Un)Hacked application appreciated internationally

What are the Laval Virtual Awards?

The Company (Un)Hacked project had the honor of reaching the final stages of the Laval Virtual Awards competition. This competition focuses on the most innovative projects around the world and has been awarding the world’s best virtual and augmented reality projects every year since 2006. From the most technical to the most entertaining, these projects represent the dynamic development of future immersive technologies that may soon be part of our daily lives.

As a significant industry event, Laval Virtual encourages innovation by rewarding developers, researchers, start-ups, students, and companies. By means of our Company Un(Hacked) application, we were noticed by global VR and AR specialists. Finally, thanks to their decision and our innovative solution, we achieved success by participating in the final stages of the competition.

The issue of cybersecurity in companies is gaining popularity along with the more extensive activity of hackers

30 000

Websites are hacked

(source techjury)

2 244

Cyberattacks are committed

(source legaljobs.io)


The average cost of security breach
in companies

(source IBM)


The percentage of cyber attacks initiated by the employee error

(source coxblue)

Take care of your employees’ knowledge and allow them to fully understand what cybersecurity is all about in an easy and pleasant way. An aware employee means a lower risk of severe losses.

How is Company (Un)Hacked different from regular training?

Our training takes place when and where you want. Just turn on your goggles and join the game. We are the only ones who offer the opportunity to become hackers and learn about their greatest secrets. In addition, the training responds to the modern needs of companies and businesses in terms of their international activities – the game includes 3 language versions. The user can choose between Polish, English, and German, according to preference.

The training takes place
in virtual reality (VR)

What does it mean?


Fully immersive application

No more looking at your phone or talking during a presentation. In virtual reality, we focus all our attention on training.

No more boring presentations

Employees will thank you for an interesting course in the form of a game, and you will enjoy having effectively trained staff.

Full control over your employee progress

Our cybersecurity course is a part of the LAB XR software, which allows you to see the progress made by each employee. With us, you will learn about the results of trainees and generate the necessary documentation and certificates.

Cybersecurity course

While playing the role of a hacker, the employee has the flexibility to make free choices in the game. Our intelligent system summarizes them and evaluates their results. Trainees are informed of their mistakes and receive suggestions for better future solutions.

What will your employee learn?


  • What cybersecurity is
  • What social engineering is and how it threaten us
  • The technical aspects of collecting information about the victims
  • Setting effective passwords
  • How to proceed in the case of receiving suspicious emails and links (phishing)
  • Good data management practices

The most important outcome of our training is employee awareness of the danger that hackers cause and the significance of human error. The Company (Un)Hacked app increases the caution of employees, who will think twice before clicking on a suspicious link.

How can Company (Un)hacked help your business?

It will let your employees play the role of a hacker

Your employees who are unaware of the threats are the most vulnerable to hacking. Hackers constantly take advantage of the average person’s ignorance to steal passwords and accessprivate and even crucial business information.

It will provide very specific educational outcomes and reduce the chances of your business being hacked

The most important goal of Company (Un)Hacked is to make employees aware and change their behavior towards dangerous links and viruses.

Careful employee = Safe company

It will serve as a knowledge base and provide useful tips for employees

We have built a complex knowledge base that summarizes every lesson in VR. More importantly, it gives your employees specific tips on daily work that can be implemented after the game is over.

What will happen if
I buy Company (Un)Hacked?

We will help you choose the equipment and adjust the applications to your needs.

You don’t have VR gear yet? No problem. We will take care of everything for you.

We will implement Company (Un)Hacked in your business, and show you how to use it.

After using the VR simulation, you can enjoy business security, all thanks to your effectively trained team

In the event case of any questions or problems, we are always at your service.

We know that complex technologies are simple only for us. That’s why we are always happy to help and advise you.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost approximately?
The cost of an app license depends on the number of users and devices and other factors related to your business. Contact us for a free consultation session, during which we will provide you with more details.
Can I see the game live before I buy it?

Of course — we will be happy to demonstrate the operation of the application
at any time convenient for you. We want its operation to be clear to you.

Can I be sure VR is the right choice for me?
The impact of immersion, i.e. the addictive nature of VR, on learning new skills has been confirmed
by scientific research, among others by Stanford University. It is a solution that stimulates memory and builds lasting knowledge.
Is my company ready to implement VR?
If you have any space in your office that is conducive to sitting, plus has access to electricity and WiFi, then you basically have everything you need.
I haven’t used VR before. Is this a problem?

Not at all. We are here to help you comfortably implement VR solutions.
We will guide you through the entire process and give you all the necessary tips.

Take care of your data security today

Our solution is completely free and only requires a browser

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