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Culture Coach.
360° Business etiquette VR training

Culture Coach application helps you learn about the Japanese etiquette in business relations.

By choosing VR solutions, you can join the group
of innovative entrepreneurs


The retention rate for information presented in VR versus 10% if the same information was read.

(source: Lenovo)


That many times are VR lessons recipients
more emotionally involved than
the participants of the lessons on the bench

(source: PwC)


By that percentage you can
reduce the training time using VR

(source: United Rentals)

By choosing responses appropriate to specific situations, the user gains practical social skills, useful especially during business meetings.

How can your business benefit from the Culture Coach?

If your company develops projects in cooperation with the Japanese market, Culture Coach will help you learn about the business etiquette and cultural codes functioning in the country of the rising sun. Thanks to our engaging scenarios, you can feel like you are  in a real meeting with a foreign partner.

Choose our effective training
held in virtual reality (VR)

What does it mean?


The right fit for you

You don’t need to plan training with outsourced trainers anymore. Thanks to VR applications, you gain time, dedicated content, and access to training at any convenient time.

New kind of efficiency

Reading slides does not guarantee your employees an adequate understanding of the topics. In virtual reality, they can stay focused throughout the course.

We help you to establish
lasting intercultural relations


In intercultural business contacts, the language usually seems to be the smallest obstacle. Even with perfect use of words, error-free pronunciation, and precise preparation, one may not be able to achieve set goals due to significant differences between the cultures of the two parties. Culture Coach helps to avoid these problems thanks to an innovative VR-based teaching method.

360° video business training course

By entering the virtual experience of Culture Coach, everyone has the chance to start a practical but very enjoyable process of learning about the business etiquette between Europeans and Japanese.

We make sure that each user can gain the greatest possible range of knowledge and practical skills in an accessible way. Therefore, Culture Coach is not only a simulator but also an educational platform with an implemented test section.

What are the benefits of implementing Culture Coach?


  • Effective training sessions
  • Convenient knowledge-checks
  • Diverse and realistic scenarios
  • Experience-based knowledge
  • A quick way to carry out a lesson
  • An attractive way of conducting training

The VR technology behind Culture Coach creates the best possible training environment for people looking for effective and practical learning tools.

How will our VR application
help you with your tasks?

It gives you quick access
to the training

You can turn on Culture Coach when you need to. No access limitations or wait issues. We create an application for your convenience.

The app provides training in controlled
environment – without any stress and time limit

Haste and nerves are not good for learning new skills. Our business application eliminates all obstacles on your way to knowledge. It lets you decide when you want to end the session or repeat the topic.

Culture Coach presents knowledge
in a clear, enjoyable way

How are VR applications different from books or presentations? They engage all your attention. 360° recording technology invites you to participate in events and make decisions with the free choice of possible answers.

What happens when you
decide to buy Culture Coach?

We will help you choose the equipment
as well as match the applications to your

You don’t have VR gear yet? It is not
a problem – we’ll take care of everything for you.

We will efficiently educate your
team on the rules of using VR tools

We make sure that the purchased software serves you from the very beginning. We provide professional training in the use of the application.


In case of any questions,
we are always at your service.

We know that the latest technologies are simple only for us.

That is why we are always happy to help and advise you.

Frequently asked questions

How much is it roughly?
Check out our price calculator. The cost of an app license depends on the number of users and devices as well as other factors related to your business.
Can I see how it works before I buy it?
Of course – we will be happy to demonstrate the operation of the application at any time convenient for you.
We want its operation to be clear to you.
Can I be sure VR is the right choice for me?
The impact of immersion, i.e. the interactive nature of VR, on learning new skills has been confirmed by research, among others by Stanford University. It’s a memory stimulant and lasting knowledge-building solution that you can trust. If you are looking for an educational tool – VR is an innovation of our times.
Is my company ready to use VR?
If you have a free space of two square meters in your office with access to electricity and WiFi,
you actually have everything you need.
I have not had any contact with VR. Is it a bother?
Not at all. We are here to help you implement VR solutions and guide you through the entire process, giving support and necessary tips.

Join the group of innovative
businesses and gain freedom
in conducting your training

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