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Learn about the most hazardous hacking practices and become an expert on cybersecurity measures. With the Company (Un)Hacked virtual reality course, we are ready to help companies implement useful safety measures, that will prevent them from enemy attacks. Protect your data by choosing effective training.

How it works

Our training is aimed at securing the most critical contact with the computer network in every company and institution – the human factor, the employee, being often responsible for problems with the IT infrastructure. The office-based work environment is nowadays strictly connected with online database management. It’s worth mentioning that lately, data has become one of the most valuable types of property. It generates high income for advertisers, media, and… hackers around the world. And it’s more than just our identity. We’re talking bank accounts, private and legal documents, precise whereabouts, and many more. Therefore it’s worth protecting, also at the level of the human factor without malignancies called the protein interface.

Company (Un)Hacked is a virtual training system that allows anybody to understand most of the usual tricks used by countless dangerous hackers out there. By inviting users to the training in the form of an entertainment/game, we would like to encourage company employees to learn about the subject of IT threats from the other side, thus showing the intentions and mechanisms of hacker attacks. It is, precisely, an application prepared to be used on virtual reality headsets. It creates an interactive learning space for office workers. The software visually imitates a hacker’s den – his or her room, computer, and desktop – with all shady possibilities that come with the infrastructure.

By stepping in the shoes of a hacker the user can simply understand his or her practices, and as a result – become more aware and safe while working online.

When entering the world of hacking, employees participating in the training will be faced with specific tasks, thanks to which they will learn:

  • how hackers find and steal data
  • how important it is to use strong passwords
  • how hackers track employees
  • about malware and ransomware 
  • what is phishing and how to protect yourself from it

Company (Un)Hacked is an engaging and effective training tool that is linked to the LabXR – our learning management system and app library, that allows coordinators to gain full control of the training process. Every one of them can track individual progress and browse the essential statistics of each participant – all available in real-time mode.

It is clear to us that nowadays data security is among the top priorities for managers and heads of IT departments, and thanks to cooperation with our project partner, we feel competent to help make it also one of yours. Thanks to our training and training updates, your company can easily protect itself against malware, ransomware, phishing, wiretaps, and other cyber threats. 

This product is available on LabXR – a platform where you can easily manage all VR and AR apps, add and browse users, track statistics. Create your own app library and make a difference as an innovative business.

Running on:

Pico | Oculus | HTC | Windows Mixed Reality
Android | Windows

Unique qualities










What’s special about Company (Un)Hacked is the innovative learning experience based on role-playing scenarios and engaging mini-games. We have designed this application to effectively popularize practical data-safety knowledge along with hacking hazard awareness throughout office-based business.

By taking part in the hacker impersonation process, every employee can closely analyze the steps usually taken by online attackers. It’s just easy to stay safe from those practices when we understand how they work. We are ready to help you find the best solutions for keeping your online security updated.

Our partner

Sun Capital is a company specializing in distribution, implementation, consulting, and training in the field of IT security and communication. The company has been distributing Kerio® solutions since 2004, constantly expanding the network of business partners. The company is distinguished by specialized staff who provide knowledge and experience related to the security of IT infrastructure, information protection, e-mail, control of network users’ activities, and many others.

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