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XRSPACE launched the world’s first portable VR device with 5G connectivity – XRSPACE MANOVA. Under its light and stylish exterior, its Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor packs a punch. As the first VR headset with preset hand tracking technology, XRSPACE MANOVA doesn’t need controllers or a complicated setup. Just slip it on and, with a wave of your hand, start exploring virtual reality. The device connects to 5G, 4G, or Wi-Fi networks, so you can just step into the XRSPACE MANOVA interactive world anytime, anywhere.

XRSPACE is a project founded by HTC’s ex-CEO Peter Chou and developed in partnership with an American SoC producer Qualcomm, Deutsche Telekom, and tech-incubator hubraum. But these are just several of many brands working with XRSPACE, and they all have a common purpose – to bring an innovative, comfortable, original, and accessible VR platform with a multiplayer entertainment mode and advanced social capabilities. 

As a wireless, controller-free, and fully portable headset, XRSPACE MANOVA allows us to discover the unlimited use of all the VR system functions. It doesn’t matter if you are a casual user, that spends free time with friends, discovering new games, or if you own a business and you see the XRSPACE MANOVA as a chance to enhance your training courses and communication apps. 


Our part in the development of XRSPACE related app is perpetuated by a deep belief in its contemporary approach to the virtual and augmented reality subject. After all, the whole point of XRSPACE MANOVA world is to present a natural and handy alternative to the modern systems, offering a new range of gaming capabilities.

As Giant Lazer, we took on a quest to create one of the few first entertainment apps dedicated to XRSPACE MANOVA headset owners. What’s important for the project is that the new headset supports a 5G network, which really is the main factor determining the smooth and effective work of the system. 

Innovations used in the XRSPACE MANOVA headset are crucial for elevating the experience of playing VR games, trying out simulators, and interacting with friends online. It a bold step towards the future of building more natural app mechanics, which eventually creates distinct ease for users.


When creating products for the familiar VR systems, we always felt a little bit limited in our creative work by the given technical specification. Our ideas had to fit in. But in this new case, the process was going a lot more different.

While creating for XRSPACE, the new technology was helping us to ask important questions about how far can we go with our ideas and where are the limits between what’s possible and what’s not yet. XRSPACE MANOVA headset gave us new energy to make something extraordinary, that we were craving at the time.

Above all, it’s true that this innovative platform challenged us to work on something fresh, that will show the whole potential of the new technology. And we were determined to do it not only for the sake of arcade-style entertainment but mainly for the timeless aesthetic and conceptual value. We wanted it to be engaging on many levels, beyond the basic labels. And that’s how Flying Things came about.


Using the previous product and design experience (primarily from creating the Red Bull Flugtag simulator and the educational Build & Fly application), we have prepared the concept of Flying Things – a commercial product addressed to a wide audience interested in original game mechanics.

Our game is a flying vehicle creator with sandbox mode, allowing users to build their own plane-like models, using just their creativity and two bare hands. Visually refined and loosely inspired by the steampunk atmosphere, our app does not leave anyone indifferent to its clever and original style. About the user flow: the game scenario is stretched between two spaces – a workshop where we create our vehicles, and an open space level, over which we have to fly during the flying part.

The player’s quest is to get the highest score, depending on the distance he has covered. To achieve longer runs, one has to show his or her creative skills in the workshop part by assembling and decorating a vehicle that will later help him/her burst through the map. Users get to choose between a wide range of vehicle parts, decorations, and paint colors to freely personalize their flying machines.

When it comes to the flying part – we have provided players with a very classic mode, in which they are supposed to break out of the ramp and stay above the ground for as long as possible, in order to beat the recent record. An important fact is that none of the available parts of the aircraft works automatically. There are no engines or rockets – the airplane is powered solely by mechanical force, which is generated only by the player, who, in order to do it, must continuously pull the levers and move the cranks. By that, we encourage players to use their manual capabilities during the immersive gameplay that mixes physical activity and fun competition.


As a final product, Flying Things fits perfectly into the idea of XRSPACE, a platform connecting people and providing them with top-notch entertainment. We provide a game for the users who are curious about the world, and who will find a new quality of recreation in our amazing, fun world.

We are proud to be a part of the XRSPACE project as one of the game developers who worked in order to support the debut version of the device. We are happy to participate in the project that is collecting the world-renowned brands, such as Resolution Games, Futuretown, Virtuleap, Go Pro, as well as big media partners – VOGUE and GQ.