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Learning Intercultural Communication Using VR Technology

Giant Lazer Sp. z o.o. implements the project named “Technology for learning intercultural communication with the use of VR technology” co-financed from European Funds under the Project entitled: “Dolnośląski Bon na Innowacje”

The value of the undertaking: PLN 98 400.00

Co-financing from public funds:

  • European Regional Development Fund: PLN 61,200.00
  • budget of the Lower Silesian Voivodship: PLN 10,800.00

The subject of the project is the development of technology for intercultural communication training that will allow the preparation of employees or job seekers for a better understanding of other cultures and work in multinational structures or teams.

The pilot training material implemented as part of the project concerns proper greeting and introduction characteristic for Japanese culture. For example, it shows how to properly exchange business cards during business greetings. Due to the significant presence of Japanese companies in Lower Silesia, training Japanese etiquette will help people wanting to work in companies such as Toyota, NSK, Bridgestone, Fuji Seiko, Olympus or Fanuc.

The technological scope includes:

  1. Developing of a video player of 360 movies in VR mode
  2. Developing technology for implementing interactivity in VR movies
  3. Examining methods of recording a VR video from the first person (FPV – First Person View)
  4. The production of a prototype training on greetings in Japanese culture.

The implementation development of a VR video player and algorithms allowing the use of interactivity in VR movies. Then a prototype training was prepared using that proved the potential of technology. Main subject is a proper Japanese-style greeting and introduction. The training material was then produced using research on VR film recording in the FPV technique. Interactivity has been added to the material, ending the training prototype using the developed technologies.

The expected result is a technology that will allow to easily prepare training on the behavior of different cultures with pilot training from Japanese culture. The expected long-term effect of the project is:

  1. Building awareness of cultural differences and preparing trainees to cooperate with foreigners (in negotiation situations, in multicultural teams, etc.)
  2. Understanding the principles of working with representatives of a specific cultural circle (eg, the Japanese)
  3. Integration of the international team and development of rules / behaviors facilitating communication and cooperation in this team

The result of the project is commercialized in the form of a new Giant Lazer product – “Intercultural Business Communication 360”.

The project will allow Giant Lazer to introduce a completely new innovative product and service to it’s offer. The developed technology will allow for the production of more trainings in the future, which will catalyze further expansion of the product. In addition, Giant Lazer will have the chance to eastablish relations with companies from outside the Polish cultural circle.

Potential recipients of innovation are:

  1. Foreign / international companies that want to train their employees (current or potential) in the matter of intercultural communication.
  2. Polish companies that want to establish relations with foreign partners, e.g. with Japan.
  3. Training companies that want to use the content produced by Giant Lazer (based on the innovative technologies developed) in the project to conduct their own training.