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Jumbo Trailer Inspection Training

by Mar 21, 2018


A global network with strong local roots. BCUBE Projektlogistik was born from the merger of the Italian BCUBE Group and the German PROJEKTLOGISTIK. Combined they embody long-standing experiences and international presence.

BCUBE Projektlogistik draws from more than 60 years of experience and is at the same time young and flexible. Tailorig team size, approach and operational implementation for medium-sized and large companies..

Bundled forces and competencies for the German market.


To educate and train workforce requires highly-skilled trainer and time spent in the work environment. Oftentimes it is difficult to arrange a training session with a real trailer. There is always a tight schedule between arrival and departure. There was a need for a more time-wise elastic method of training. BCUBE Projektlogistik have been researching more effective ways of training employees.


VR technology brings an opportunity to develop training programs that explain the process in a more sensible manner. We have proposed to prepare the whole training programs for teaching different logistics-oriented skills.

Traditionally, the process of controlling a semi-trailer or a jumbo-trailer has been performed with the usage of a paper form. A person have checked elements by the list and marked if any element needs getting fixed or replaced. This training progam introduces smartglasses device usage for handling a checklist and making a documentation from the inspection.


These are the initial concepts for the application. We have worked on them in close co-operation with BCUBE Projekt Logistik to make sure they meet project assumptions and objectives.

As the program simulates the usage of smartglasses, we had to port functionality of real-life Vuzix M300 glasses to HTC Vive VR set. We emulated functions of smartglasses with buttons available on the VR controllers.


VR training applications were first presented on Logimat 2018 in Stuttgart. Application turned out a great success. We also collected a substantial feedback from testers to refine the application. Now the ready-made product is being tested in BCUBE Projektlogistic’s training centers.

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