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Logiland: Build & Fly Educational VR Game

by Aug 30, 20180 comments


A global network with strong local roots. BCUBE Projektlogistik was born from the merger of the Italian BCUBE Group and the German PROJEKTLOGISTIK. Combined they embody long-standing experiences and international presence.

BCUBE Projektlogistik draws from more than 60 years of experience and is at the same time young and flexible. Tailorig team size, approach and operational implementation for medium-sized and large companies.


To develop a VR experience which would explain an example inhouse logistics concept in fun way suitable as a
conversation starter about logistics services and VR logistics training programs.


We came up with a concept of an assembly workspace organized in a practical but fun manner. Player is supposed to build a flying bicycle with parts arranged in a sensible mounting sequence. Then, as a fun part he should spin the hand-pedals and fly over a canyon. Multiplayer mode in which two players can compete against each other is a bonus feature.


Build & Fly educational game was first introduced at Logimat Stuttgart 2018 and turned out a huge success. Visitors to BCUBE Projektlogistc’s fair stand waited in line to experience the game themselves and find out about VR training capabilities.