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Safety, health and environment LMS training

Client — AstraZeneca Poland

An innovative biopharmaceutical company, at the forefront of the largest companies in this sector in the world. With patients in mind, it develops and manufactures modern drugs to help fight diseases that are the greatest challenges of modern medicine.


As in many innovative companies, the AstraZeneca Poland HR specialists team was looking forward to enhancing its Security, Health & Environment training courses for staff employees and line managers. The main issue HR department has pointed out to us was to create a transparent and engaging online course for the internal LMS training system with separate lessons and topics, containing knowledge-check modules and needed attachments that meet the legal and practical (documentation-related) requirements.

The challenge for Giant Lazer was to build the imperative learning experience that would not become just another necessity that should be done quickly and quickly forgotten, but rather the pleasurable and interesting online training which will result in higher employee awareness of the company’s S.H.E. recommendations.

Above that, AstraZeneca Poland needed a PC application for training documentation generating – a feature that’s vital from the point of the company administration.


To us, the obligatory training needs to be as clear as possible, allowing anybody to finish it easily and get as much information as possible. It was crucial to make something that will guide users throughout the whole course. That’s why the UI design is quite simple, showing both: the lesson screen and the training steps simultaneously, with a possibility to save the progress and come back to training in another session.

Our plan was to use the content provided by the HR team to create interactive training developed as a common scorm 1.2 package. LMS training contains 25 modules divided into two categories: S.H.E. lessons and quizzes. Giant Lazer used multimedia to enhance the learning process, such as:

  • content carousels,
  • accordion tables,
  • interactive dialogues,
  • interactive information sorting modules.

Working on the application for initial and periodic training certificate generating, Giant Lazer specialists made sure that HR team would be able to export new documents easily with only two or three input files (depending on the scenario). It’s possible because our IT experts have created an .xls sheet standard operated by the application, which is able to predict the internal AZ email address of a new employee and generate .csv files for DocuSign that are useful for company communication and document circuit.


The completed online training course covers labor law issues, preventive health protection, occupational risk assessment, fire protection, sustainability, and more. It is available for all AZ employees, both new and those who come back from longer leaves. The system contains additional training scenarios for line managers. It’s important that our product not only meets the requirements of the employees but also those expressed by managers and HR specialists.

Being a comprehensive and useful learning tool accompanied by the documents generator app, it clearly improves the process of S.H.E. training in AstraZeneca Poland, making it easier to track user’s progress and stay up to date with the list of current participant lists and their certificates.


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