• Cyberattacks happen daily. They affect not only celebrities or politicians but also average website users.
  • Cybersecurity is becoming a priority for modern business. Companies increasingly care about educating employees about cyberattacks and how to avoid them.
  • VR courses teach employees about cyberattacks by allowing them to become a hacker.
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  • 1. Cyberattack is closer than you think
  • 2. Let’s educate about cyberattacks!
  • 3. Your cybersecurity depends on you
  • 4. Cybersecurity starts with education


Cyberattack is closer than you think

Are you safe? Did you lock the front door? Did you remember to unplug the iron from the power outlet? Everything seems to be fine, but what about your online security?

We use smartphones so often that they have become not only daily, but also obvious. We seem to have forgotten that threats await us on the Internet and mobile apps. We do not read the statements that pop up on the websites, not to mention many-sided terms and conditions. Everyone can become a victim of cyberattacks, and just because it hasn’t happened to you yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen at all. That is why it’s worth going back to the basics and thinking about cybersecurity and whether we know how to protect ourselves against cyberattacks.

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Let’s educate about cyberattacks!

Cyberattack is one of those words that has been circulating in our society for a long time. However, due to associations with Hollywood movies about FBI agents or hackers, many have forgotten that the victims of cyberattacks are not only politicians or other important people. In fact, cyberattacks in Poland take place much more often than you might think. They also affect ordinary Smiths, especially those who do not care about their online safety. Therefore, although others have recalled what a cyberattack is, it is worth doing it one more time.

An unauthorized attempt to use, steal or damage confidential data is nothing more than a cyberattack. This is not just about passwords or emails but any sensitive information and data that can be attributed to a specific person.

As a result of a cyberattack, we can lose much more than you might think. Our reputation or financial stability is in danger, not to mention the costs of recovering stolen data. All of this can be easily avoided if you take care of your cybersecurity.

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Your cybersecurity depends on you

You don’t need a degree in cybersecurity to be able to take care of your online safety. Knowing about it is absolutely useful, but cybersecurity starts with our daily habits.

Over 90% of modern attacks are based on interaction with the user, so when you want to invest in your online security, it is worth starting with yourself.

Some of the behaviors that improve our online security are so simple to follow that most may not even realize they are using cybersecurity methods at the current moment. When creating an account, we are asked to create a password consisting of at least 8 characters; computer software frequently reminds us about the necessary updates, while most social media offer solutions that increase privacy. All these treatments aim to improve our online security; you just need to be aware of them.

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VR app for employees

Cybersecurity starts with education

Do you want to be able to stop cyberattacks? Congratulations! By clicking on this article, you have taken the first and most important step – you have started to search for knowledge on this subject. The problem comes when we start looking for cybersecurity information, and we need to find sources that we can trust. This task is not only responsible but, at the same time, unfortunately, not very engaging.

The solution is VR technology, thanks to which something that in theory is boring can quickly become entertaining! With this idea in mind, many courses that use VR technology to educate about cybersecurity were created. This solution is not only as effective as articles or presentations but also much more attractive to the user. Company (Un)Hacked is one of those courses that use VR technology to teach about the threats of cyberattacks. It helps to answer major questions related to this topic, such as: what is cybersecurity, or what is social engineering and how does it threaten us?

In addition to using VR headsets, this course engages in many other ways. This is not an ordinary lesson on cybersecurity, which just uses VR technology. Instead, participants gain knowledge by playing the role of a person who is or will be a threat to them – a hacker. After all, who knows more about hacking than them?

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Anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about cyberattacks will for sure benefit from the course, but Company (Un)Hacked is an experience that will be primarily useful to the company and its employees. Cyberattacks happen every day, not only on private devices but also on those used by employees. That is why more and more companies are investing or should invest, in protection against cyberattacks and security in their enterprises. It is not just about choosing the right software. Education about cybersecurity plays a special role because, as we have already mentioned, most cyberattacks start with the users and what actions they take on the Internet.

There are many cybersecurity courses out there, but Company (Un)Hacked stands out for several reasons. First of all: accessibility – training can take place anywhere and anytime. Secondly: the content – the subject of the course has been selected to meet the needs of modern businesses. Thirdly: engaging plot – who wouldn’t want to play the role of a hacker? These are just a few reasons why Company (Un)Hacked stands out among other cybersecurity courses. These are also the reasons why the Giant Lazers’ course reached the final of the competition for the most innovative project in the world – the Laval Virtual Awards.

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