As VR developers, we are aware that many users of virtual reality headsets focus mainly on applications that are reliably mimicking real-life experiences. After all, this technology was created to expand the immersion effect of modern gaming. So it is very understandable to seek those natural mechanics inside the VR worlds.

While working on our own VR games, we are constantly looking for many inspiring projects that are also oriented on playing with true physical impressions. This time we are talking only about the applications.

That said, we are happy to share our favorite 3 physics-defining VR games. Read on!

source: The VR Shop

Gravity Lab

Let’s start with something cosmic. While still being in the works, the project of Mark Schramm is a brave venture that offers a visit to the futuristic space station. And just by that, you can already guess the kind of entertainment it provides.

For now, we can play a demo that’s showing a testing facility, where we can try for ourselves how physics work in an almost-zero-gravity environment. The producer has prepared different scenarios with logical tasks that can be completed with the use of sci-fi technology and a little bit of physics-understanding. What’s important is that every player can create an original scenario just to check different game mechanics and have fun with it.

The main quality of this project is the number of active objects that we can use to create our own machines. There are sensor rings, signal managers, laser gate, weight scale, ratio sensors, gravity boards, acceleration tubes, gravity pumps, and modifiers. There are so many possibilities to test the gravity objects and users can upload their designs online, on the Gravity Lab website.

source: Virtual Insider


Now, we want you to come with us back on (near future) Earth to see the potential of Boneworks – a VR game that doesn’t want us to take any shortcuts while playing it. Even though it’s a simple shooter with logical elements, it has one significant difference: it’s just very realistic in terms of the basic mechanics and physics.

For example – to use any given gun, at first, player has to manually pick and apply a full clip to the weapon, and then pull the lock. Designers have used the same complexity in the hand combat mode as well.

That way we can grab opponents in a couple of ways and do them harm by using found objects, like sharp items or bricks. The variety of mechanics is impressive, but believe us – the physics are even better.

To show you how the objects “behave” physics-wise, let’s go back to the gun example. When we are already holding a machine gun or other weapon – then it’s the time to use it on our rivals. 

What’s surprising is that the accuracy of our shooting depends on the weight of the weapon and the way we hold it. And it is just one of many other, fantastic ways creators utilize weight physics in Boneworks.

Throughout the game, we can play with hammers, balls, ragdolls, and other things that we can pick, throw, grab, or climb onto. It’s a lot of interactions, but if all the exploring and action won’t satisfy our curiosity, we can always use a sandbox mode to create our own physics laboratory.

All of these fine effects that Boneworks delivered were carefully corrected in one of the patches, that developers released in 2020. If you’re looking for entertaining and polished VR game – now you know what to do.

source: The Baron

Blade & Sorcery

Maybe space ships or pistols are not your definitions of fun. We bet some people can relate to that, and luckily there’s a VR game that is using physics that will please many fans of fantasy and medieval themes. It’s called Blade and Sorcery.

The first thing you must know about this particular title is that it’s still in development and for now, it’s just focused on two (pretty obvious) things – magic and swordfight.

But make no mistake – to create a satisfying VR duel is really a great challenge. And because it’s especially hard to do real-life magic effects, we will write mainly about the white weapon combat, since it’s really something!

The producers made it clear, that “the era of the VR weightless, wiggle-sword combat is over. Blade & Sorcery is a medieval fantasy sandbox like no other, focusing on melee, ranged and magic combat that fully utilizes a unique and realistic physics-driven interaction and combat system.” And, looking at the gameplay, it seems pretty right.

They have applied combat sections that are making this experience very unique… and drastic. Especially, when some of us aren’t very eager to watch very realistic damages and wounds. But apart from that, Blade & Sorcery gives us a chance to really embrace the warrior role, with all the difficulties of a true swordfight. 

Anyway, looking at the accuracy of weights, reactions of different surfaces plus the physics itself, the game makes a great example of passion for gaming and devotion to the detail. Isn’t that what we are usually looking for?

We are going crazy about these 3 products, especially since we’re working on our gravity defining Flying Things VR game. Feel free to check it here.

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