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Smart glass technology for
the logistics industry

Improvement of logistics processes with the use of innovative augmented reality technology and smart glasses

BCUBE Projektlogistik


A global network with strong local roots. BCUBE Projektlogistik was born from the merger of the Italian group BCUBE and the German Projektlogistik. The companies combine extensive experience and international presence.


Smart glass system for displaying
interactive checklists

  • Due to its multifaceted requirements, Industry 4.0 naturally adapts to the latest achievements in the field of augmented reality.
  • The AR technology can be used in a particularly interesting way thanks to smart glass glasses, which enable the display of additional information in real-time and unhindered communication with the system by means of voice or gestures.
  • In addition to the checklists themselves, we also focused on the digitization of reports, which in the traditional form consumes valuable time and generates occasional inaccuracies. Our task was to introduce this activity to the 21st century.

The experience of many companies confirms that AR smart glasses significantly improve work, increasing efficiency and reducing the number of potential errors and problems.


Simplicity of management
and user convenience

  • In cooperation with BCUBE Projektlogistik, we wanted to present the range of possibilities that AR applications offer in relation to the needs of industry and logistics.
  • Our task was, first of all, to simplify the inspection process of freight trailers and to connect the employee with the database so that the results of his rounds were saved directly on the server.
  • Thanks to our solution, the documentation of the trailer inspection has been reduced to a simple and useful form of digital visualization, i.e., checklists – a list of inspection points that require appropriate confirmation (in the form of verbal verification of defects or in the form of photos) – saved in a safe and accessible place.


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey

Designing the gameplay


Adaptation to target devices

Our application consists of two basic parts: a smart glass component and a tablet component.

We have sorted the way of both the tablet user and the inspector, dividing it into turning on the system via the Lab XR application on the tablet, selecting the appropriate checklist, scanning the QR code to pair the smart glass, select the appropriate operating mode, controlling the vehicle with voice commands, completing the creation report, view and approve the report on the tablet, and sign the report and sending it to the base.

Checklist functionality:


  • You can return to the previous task at any time
  • You can turn on the camera at any time
  • With the camera turned on, you can take up to 3 photos for a given task
  • After completing the tasks, a summary is displayed
  • The confirmation screen for sending the checklist to the server
  • Sending data to the server
  • Data storage in case of lack of communication with the server


Mobile devices
Smart Glass


  • Success # 1 | Convenient data management

The driver form, displayed on the eye lens by the smart glass system, allows you to enter six types of data: the weight of the goods, name, and surname of the controlling person, name of the forwarder, name, and surname of the driver, tractor registration number, and trailer registration number. The system also allows you to add the data of a co-driver, if necessary.

  • Success # 2 | Smart glass + tablet system

We made sure that the cooperation between employees was as efficient as possible, and thus did not generate unnecessary working time. Therefore, the preview of the finished report on the tablet is available automatically and immediately after approving the activities on smart glasses. This also applies to access to reports, archived on the Lab XR server and described with the inspection start and close dates.

  • Success # 3 | Supporting the idea of Industry 4.0

As a result of cooperation with BCUBE Projektlogistik, our production team has prepared a useful and clear application that facilitates the inspection of a freight trailer. We are glad that the company’s management looks favorably on the work we have done, and the logistics team can now freely use modern solutions in the field of smart glass technology, meeting modern needs, enjoying greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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