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Smart glass technology for the logistics industry

Client – BCUBE Projektlogistik

A global network with strong local roots. BCUBE Projektlogistik was born from the merger of the Italian BCUBE Group and the German PROJEKTLOGISTIK. Combined they embody long-standing experiences and international presence.

BCUBE Projektlogistik draws from more than 60 years of experience and is at the same time young and flexible. Tailorig team size, approach and operational implementation for medium-sized and large companies..

Bundled forces and competencies for the German market.


Due to its multiple and complex requirements, Industry 4.0 naturally adapts the latest achievements in the field of XR technology, including virtual and augmented reality. And it’s actually AR that draws particular attention of the owners of industrial businesses, interested in using glass devices that enable the real-time display of additional information straight to the eyes, simultaneously allowing users for unhindered communication with the system through voice or gestures.

AR smart glasses significantly improve workflow, increasing efficiency, and reducing the number of potential errors and problems. Knowing that this time we have focused on the issue of digitization of reports, which, in its traditional form, consumes too much time and generates occasional inaccuracies. Working for BCUBE Projektlogistik, we wanted to introduce this activity to the 21st century.


In cooperation with BCUBE Projektlogistik, we wanted to present a potential range of possibilities that AR applications offer in terms of meeting the needs of industry and logistics. Our primary task was to simplify the process of semi-trailer inspection and to connect the employee with the database so that the results of his round were saved directly on the server.

Thanks to our original solution, the documentation of the trailer inspection has been reduced to a simple form of digital visualization of checklists – a number of inspection points that require appropriate confirmation (verbal verification of defects or photos) – held in a safe and accessible place. All of this is now achievable from the level of the smartglasses themselves, without the need to enter data on the keyboard and to manually import taken photos.

Our application consists of two basic parts: a smart glass component and a tablet component.

With that configuration, we have organized the path of both the user who operates the tablet and the inspector, separating it into several simple steps: from turning on the system via the Lab XR application on the tablet, through selecting the appropriate checklist, scanning the QR code to pair the smart glasses, selecting the appropriate operating mode, carrying out a vehicle inspection using voice commands , completing the report creation, viewing and approving the report on the tablet as well as signing the report and sending it to the database.

Summary functionalities:

  • Complete index of all given tasks
  • Every task has an assigned answers
  • Scrolling through the tasks by one (up/down)
  • Scrolling through the tasks by five (up/down)
  • Changing the answer to any task
  • Browsing the photo gallery
  • Deleting photos from different tasks separately
  • Adding photos to different tasks separately

Checklist functionalities:

  • Going back to the previous task in every moment.
  • Turning the camera on in every moment.
  • Making up to three photos for every task with the camera on.
  • Summary screen popping after completing all the tasks.
  • Confirmation screen before sending a checklist on the server.
  • Sending the data on the server.
  • Storing the data in case of server connection errors.

Displayed on the eye lens by the smart glass system, driver’s form allows user to enter six types of data: the weight of the goods, name and surname of the controlling person, name of the shipping company, name and surname of the driver, tractor registration number, and trailer registration number. Every user can also add data of a co-driver, if necessary.

When programming our software, we tried to make sure that the cooperation between all users was as efficient as possible and does not create any unnecessary work. Therefore, the finished report file created on the tablet is available on smart glasses immediately after approving all crucial activities. That also comes with the automatic access to already prepared reports, archived on the Lab XR server.


Cooperating with BCUBE Projektlogistik, our team of designers has prepared a useful and visually clear application that visibly improves the inspection of a semi-trailer. We are glad that the company’s authorities look favorably at our work and that the logistics team can now freely use modern smart glass solutions prepared for the needs of Industry 4.0.

It’s worth mentioning that the experience gained through the implementation of presented project also served as the basis for our next commercial training products aimed at logistics. Industry and education are and will be the focal point of our business interests, as well as designing processes-improving software is and will be one of the main points of our business goals.