Effective cyber security training in VR

Teach your employees that a hacker can take advantage of their inattention. Engaging Virtual Reality training will show them how a cybercriminal can fool them.

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Cyber safety and security are becoming increasingly important in today's digital world.


Companies have experienced
at leastat least one
cyber attack
(by Techjury 2023)


The average cost of a
breach of data protection
(by IMB 2022)


The attacks stem from
human error
(by WeForum 2022)

An employee without knowledge and skills is the weakest link in a company's cyber security.

That's why it's so important to improve its competence in data security and infrastructure.

What sets Company (Un)Hacked apart from other training courses?

  • VR technology – Training is in the form of an application for virtual reality goggles
  • Independence – the employee can train on their own
  • Professionalism – the program was developed in cooperation with SunCapital, which has been securing companies against cyber attacks for more than a dozen years,
  • Entertainment and excitement – deep involvement of the employee makes him remember the training better
  • Up-to-date – the program is kept up-to-date with the latest ways to attack

Training plan

Company (Un)Hacked is planned so that the employee learns more hacking techniques with each chapter.
The most important goal of the training? To teach defense against attacks and understand the process of a cybercriminal.

Chapter 1

  • Dangerous sites, we show the purpose of creating and the premise of malware websites
  • Dangerous emails impersonating a known sender.

Chapter 2

  • SCAM in the form of SMS to victims’ phones
  • Moving an example action based on SMS messages and showing from the side of the benefits of hackers
  • Fake website and the problem of fake domains addressed

Chapter 3

  • OSINT (gathering information from parties)
  • Sociotechnics using victim information and relying on soft techniques
  • Consequences of connecting unauthorized and untested media under company computers

Chapter 4

  • Ransomware – how it works and why it is created, what is its purpose of operation
  • Strong passwords – why it is important to use strong passwords in our lives
  • Generally available email addresses (high-risk group)

Chapter 5

  • Phishing campaign – we show for what purpose how a mass spam mailing campaign is created
  • Building a dedicated, profile-based campaign to infect computers

Chapter 6

  • Physical access technology to guarded places (drone)
  • GSM network interference
  • False WIFI network
  • Problems with reading terms and conditions and authorizing WIFI traffic
  • Fake sites for bank payments

Chapter 7

  • Social engineering (SCAM) – directly inducing trust through a properly conducted telephone conversation
  • Stealing and sharing data with unauthorized persons, trust-building techniques during a conversation

Chapter 8

  • Discussion of the problems of creating strong passwords
  • Discussion of additional password security in the form of 2FA and UDF
  • Problems of hacked mail, what to pay attention to (filters)

Chapter 9

  • Data backup
  • Securing data through proper encrypted data archiving
  • Secure removal of data from media
  • Securing sensitive data
  • Monitoring system and control of physical access to guarded premises

Chapter 10

  • A playable version of gameplay designed for events, tournaments.
  • A short 3-4 minute gameplay in which the trainee has the opportunity for more VR interaction and test themselves in competition.
  • Scenario – surprise.

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The training is prepared for office workers. All people who use computers in their work. They are the best targets for cyber criminals.

Supported VR goggles

Company (Un)Hacked can be played on most popular models.

If you do not have goggles, please contact us, we will help you choose the right equipment for training.

Oculus Quest

HTC Vive Focus 3

VR Pico

Any goggles that work with the PC unit

A textbook that will expand knowledge

Full training plan

Company (Un)Hacked is not just an app for VR. It’s a comprehensive training plan that incorporates knowledge consolidation through additional materials.
The employee’s task is to navigate through the training plan to learn the chapters effectively.

Cyber Security Handbook

One of the materials that come with the training is a specialized manual.
This material was created by experts in the field of cyber security. As a teaching material, it also has its own ISBN and DOI number.

Developers are experts in VR and cyber security

Giant Lazer

Giant Lazer is one of the largest companies in Poland that develops virtual reality applications.


The specialists at this company ensure the highest quality of experience and user engagement.

Sun Capital

Sun Capital is a company that secures companies in the context of cyber security.


The scenarios used in Company (Un)Hacked are real situations that happened to Sun Capital’s clients.

What is the process of implementing Company (Un)Hacked into the company?

Let's choose a version of the application that meets your needs

We will help you choose the right license option. The first step is to contact us through our form. We will be happy to answer your questions.

We will implement Company (Un)Hacked in your company and show you how to use it

In addition, we will provide other training materials, such as a manual.

We are at your service. We will renew your license if necessary.

In case of technical problems, we always make ourselves available to help the buyer.

Frequently asked questions

Can I test the training before I buy?

Yes! Contact us and we will provide you with a free demo to install on your VR goggles. If you don’t have goggles, you can schedule a free demonstration with us.

Is my company ready to implement VR?

If you have any space in your office that is conducive to a seated position,
and also has access to electricity and wi-fi, then you actually have everything you need.

Can I be sure that VR is a good choice?

The impact of immersion, or the immersive nature of VR, on learning new skills has been confirmed by studies from Stanford University, among others. It is a solution that stimulates memory and builds lasting knowledge.

I have not had/am not familiar with VR. Is it a problem?

None. We are here to help you implement VR solutions. We will guide you
through the entire process and give you the necessary guidance.

Want to implement VR training in your organization?