What’s the scariest scenario in terms of office work? Lack of coffee? Printing error? No wi-fi connection? Well, yes. But there is something much worse if you look at it through the long-term lens. It’s a data leak – a crisis worth the worry, because, as you may know by now, the information can be more valuable than money.

Moreover, there is a bunch of people that are crazy about it and want to possess it very much. How do they do it? It’s complicated, although, together with our friends from Sun Capital, we want to make it easy to understand and thus defend ourselves from it. All thanks to virtual reality, of course.

Our project’s main idea is that it’s easier to stay safe by understanding the hacker while working online. It’s simple yet very effective.

Today it’s more like Mr. Robot than The Imitation Game, but still – it takes a great mind to pull off a successful malware or ransomware trick.

Pop culture has already embraced this topic and made it mainstream. For example, look at Grey’s Anatomy season fourteen’s hacker episode. It’s another dramatic event in Seattle’s finest hospital, and it follows such ones as fire alarm, bomb planting, and even plane crash. Surprisingly, the hacker’s attack wasn’t any less scary than the others – all the electronic health devices went off, and the hacker demanded a ransom. Ugh, not cool.

Now, with our virtual reality product, it’s simple to see how Grey Sloan Memorial hospital might have helped this online thief getting all the access and data he or she needed. First of all, social media content. In general, we do not care if the information about us is public or not. Unfortunately, any kind of data can be used against us.

Have you heard of phishing? It’s an online type of impersonating certain people or institutions in order to take financial advantage of somebody. It’s being used in the form of mailing, Facebook Messenger chatting, or even mobile texting. The most important part of it is information about the target (being us). If someone is aware of our professional or family life, it’s easy to use it during a phishing strike.

Another issue: the strength level of our passwords. Medusa, Brutus are just examples of software that help people crack our passwords. There are more powerful systems, and because of that, it’s better to stay safe than end up being sorry. How? Basically, by knowing the strong and the weak types of passwords. And we are ready to make it work for you.

What’s more? Prepare for the immersive hacker experience with all the bad going on. Become a villain and understand how to protect your data from malware, ransomware, different bugs, and other types of online attacks.

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