Heat Bash VR (WIP) — educational game about climate change

Game prototype where you can learn about the consequences of climate change through motion-based VR fun.



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Key features of Heat Bash VR (WIP)

Heat Bash is a prototype of a pioneering VR app that combines advanced virtual reality technologies with fascinating content, creating unique experiences for users. To increase the player’s involvement, we focus on a clear and exciting story of a journalist who travels to a mysterious circus to explore its dark secrets and fights with a much stronger opponent – a greedy businessman who degrades the climate in the name of profit. Main features of the prototype are:

  • Motion-based arcade entertainment. We’ve designed six arcades that users can enjoy while learning about climate change.  Heat Bash (WIP) combines immersive, engaging entertainment with a story that can influence the player’s future decisions.
  • The educational element. The narrative layer introduces the player to the game’s plot and, most importantly, increases awareness of the anthropogenic origin of the climate crisis and its further consequences for humanity.  That’s why, in the future, Heat Bash will fit supplementary content for climate education lessons for schools and universities.

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