• Universities may change the practice in dental surgery for lessons based on an app which are as effective.
  • VR headset help learn the theory needed to conduct treatment faster.
  • Thanks to VR headset, we may knock down the level of pain that patients feel.
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  • 1. Dentistry development with the help of VR technology
  • 2. Virtual dental surgery
  • 3. VR headset are a new study tool
  • 4. How VR reduces pain


Dentistry development with the help of VR technology

To burn them, you’d need at least a temperature of at least 1500 degrees Celsius. To gimlet them, you’d need a diamond bit but you can destroy them with the help of chocolate – teeth. We all have them. Unfortunately, most of us also have problems with them. Luckily thanks to many technics and progressive devices, it’s fast, but not always pleasant, to get rid of the source of the pain and return to showing the world a beautiful smile.

With the help of VR, stomatologists may easier and more nicely gain the knowledge needed to help their patients. Here’s how.

VR na telefon, Stomatologia, Studia stomatologiczne, Stomatolog

Virtual dental surgery

Students of dentistry not only need to have impressive knowledge but especially learn the skills which will help them practice their profession. Universities provide materials and opportunities to practice; however, many factors limit these possibilities. So what can be done to help students of this significant practice without constantly running out of materials? 

The solution provides an app created by the company Giant Lazer whose goal is to copy biological activities performed by stomatologists with the help of VR. Students have access to the entire virtual dental office with all the tools, without which it’s impossible to perform any treatment.

The teeth of their virtual patients were reliably created to imitate the human body. All that’s needed to go through this realistic 3D experience are VR headset and an app.

vr education virtual reality uniwersytet training studenci

Lecturers also may benefit from using virtual dental surgery. All the training in which students participate can be conducted via the app’s desktop version. Only a few clicks are needed to analyze the results and carry out an exam. Thanks to that, lecturers can spend more time helping their students and the challenges they face during the learning process.

Giant Lazer’s app with HTC VIVE Focus 3 All-in-One VR support creates and provides a realistic experience for all future stomatologists who need a lot of practice. It does it with the help of easily accessible technology. Warsaw Medical University put faith in that solution. No wonder why.

vr virtual reality education dental immerive technology

See how we created an educational
app VR for dental students

VR headset are a new study tool

There is much practical use for VR in dentistry, but can this technology help students with a better understanding of the theory that they need to learn before the practical part of the course?

Some students are lucky and don’t have to burden their backs learning from heavy books. Instead, they can dive inside a tooth and explore its structure by interacting with it. They may do it with the help of a smartphone and carton headset.

The University of California launched this idea in San Francisco, which uses an app Tooth Atlas to show students each layer of teeth. And not just any teeth! The app provides more than 500 models and cases. From the shark teeth that sometimes trouble kids to the wisdom teeth that don’t seem to grow the right way, students can deeply get to know all the afflictions they’ll have to treat in the future.

VR technology makes the tiresome theory easy to understand and even exciting! The fact that there’s a way to interact with a theoretical part of dentistry is a way more engaging solution than reading a textbook or taking notes. In this case, connecting VR technology with dentistry gave the same results as fireworks on a sad winter night.

VR na telefon, Stomatologia, Studia stomatologiczne, Stomatolog

How VR reduces pain

As much as regular dentistry appointments are essential and needed, unfortunately, they are not always pleasant experiences. It’s not necessarily about the high costs of the healing or carrying treatment but mainly about the pain that often accompanies it. Performing some medical practice is inseparable from a highly unpleasant feeling that patients experience, which is a significant obstacle, especially regarding children.

Research conducted in North Ireland shows that 62% to 68% of kids aged 12-15 have moderate or high anxiety about visiting a stomatologist or a dentist.

To help all the patients that feel this way VR technology may be used.

A method that helps to deal with the pain known for many years is distraction. It might seem trivial or even petty, but it is effective in many cases because of the psychological component. The assumption is simple: the less attention we give to the negative stimulus, the less pain we should feel.

One of the tools that are being used to distract patients are VR headset. When sitting in a dental chair, they put in on and virtually travel to a chosen destination. The entire procedure goes the same way, but the patient may forget about the discomfort, even for a moment, thanks to the distraction. Thanks to that, the pain they experience is less noticeable. It’s a new method that is slowly gaining popularity, but it may be a benign solution for all patients, especially the young ones.

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