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Our latest VR simulator app examples – language, history, environment



In general virtual reality works by the principle that what you (the user) see is not necessarily what you are dealing with on an everyday basis. It means that a digitally created world can be whatever developers want it to be. Living on Mars? Riding the unicorn? Playing with magic? You name it.

Of course, everything has a purpose, so there should be an explanation of why you are visiting some imaginary lands doing unbelievable things. It can be just good old entertainment, but more often it is also education, training or marketing.

Virtual reality is more than games, but it does not mean it gets less attractive when it comes to company-oriented applications. It’s because virtual reality serves businesses with a much more engaging and creative form of well-known processes. From our own experience, we can assure you that this is the essential part of each B2B project – to make our client happy with working, innovative software that is making his employees or clients excited to use it, therefore, use it consciously. Especially when it comes to simulators.

Educational application for language-learning

Client – University of Rzeszów

There is great potential in virtual reality applications for language-learning. It seems very logical to use this immersive medium for upgrading abilities that need realistic circumstances. Our foreign-speaking side thrives when we are able to use it in conversation practice.

The VR simulator we’ve created for the University of Rzeszów is based on this idea to challenge students with many different communication-related situations that require specific sets of vocabulary and grammar knowledge.

Users can test their language at home, at the university, at the airport, as well as during mini-games inside the classroom and during a suspect interviews session. All this is supported by the speech-recognition module that rates each sentence spoken by the students while meeting new NPCs (non-player characters).

Educational forest trip in virtual reality

Client – Forest Research Institute

Another educational application but a totally different approach. The VR simulator created for the Forest Research Institute marks an important moment in our developer’s journey.

The software mimics five different types of forest and its wildlife and various activities of the woodsman.

We had to recreate those parts in such a specific way; we needed to work much harder on optimising the whole project for smooth gameplay. Well, it was a challenge worth accepting, because today we can proudly present the satisfying and educationally valuable outcome to the specialists and researchers with whom we teamed up in the first place. It’s an example of using virtual reality for such a nuanced project.

Water Canal Slipway VR Simulator

Client – European Meeting Center “Światowid”

Making history attractive is nothing less than presenting it through experiences and actions that are easier to understand and remember. And what’s better to accomplish those objectives than a VR simulator, right?

Our project for “Światowid” Center is basically a simulator of operating the vintage water canal slipway inside the engine house.

The challenge is to safely lead two ships through the slipway, using a direction lever, brake lever, and a valve. The whole engine room and its surroundings are based on the photos and 3D scans provided by the EMC “Światowid”. It allows the user to visit the surroundings of the slipway in a kind of VR tour mode. It complements the whole experience, giving students or other European Meeting Center’s visitors the best insight possible.

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