• More than VR glasses. VR laboratories are the next stage in the development of this technology.
  • All the VR apps you need in one place with one multi-tasking system.
  • One of the most modern VR laboratories in Poland. VR glasses, green box, and many other advanced technologies for students to use.
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  • 1. VR lab — the next step in the development of virtual technology
  • 2. What is a VR lab?
  • 3. Lab XR — all your VR apps in one place
  • 4. The most modern VR laboratory in Poland


VR lab — the next step in the development of virtual technology

VR headsets or applications are not only an increasingly popular topic but also a solution that is used in companies conducting various activities, educational institutions investing in immersive learning, or other organizations.

Despite its futuristic appearance, VR technology is a solution that, thanks to easy access and simple operation, can be useful to anyone, depending on their needs.

With the growing popularity of VR technology, new solutions are emerging that encourage more and more people to use applications or virtual training. The next step in the development of this technology is the so-called VR lab.

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What is a VR lab?

It is quite difficult to define a  VR lab. It is not only a new, still developing technology but also a rather broad concept. Most often, it is a room where VR, AR, and even MR equipment is located. In addition to this hardware, the lab also includes applications that allow you to take full advantage of these technologies.

The VR lab is perfect for places that gather people who use the same VR applications for educational or design purposes. That is why universities, schools, and other institutions which care about immersive education invest in VR labs.

However, this is not the only reason.

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Lab XR – all your VR apps in one place

VR stands out from other technologies not only because of its uniqueness but also because of its effectiveness. There are many benefits of using VR technology, and we have written about it many times. Stimulating muscle memory, actively participating in the program, learning practical problem-solving… We could list much more.

To experience the benefits of VR technology, all you need to do is take the first step and decide to use it. A virtual laboratory that supports all inspiring apps has been created for those starting cooperation with VR technology.

Lab XR is one system for many actions. The creators working on this application aimed to provide a tool that will allow institutions dealing with various fields to get closer to innovative VR and AR technology in an easy-to-use way. This goal has been achieved by creating a web application that can be freely used without the help of other third parties.

In addition, the application allows you to set up 3 types of accounts (administrator, student, lecturer), which allow you to take various actions depending on the function.

All these factors make Lab XR not only an easy-to-use application that everyone can use but also a tool adapted to various needs.

With Lab XR, all your VR applications are in one place. There is no need to jump between tabs or nervously look for the right icon on the desktop while other participants follow the mouse’s every move. All your favorite and most needed VR applications can be found in one easy-to-use place. We can’t imagine a better solution for people who want to start using technology.

See how we created the Giant Lazer XR Lab.
Virtual Reality Laboratory

The most modern VR laboratory in Poland

As we wrote earlier, a VR laboratory is most often a room where VR, AR, and MR equipment is located. As with the Lab XR app, this allows you to get closer to the increasingly popular and influential VR technology. That is why Giant Lazer is investing in physical VR laboratories in addition to creating a system supporting various VR applications.

In cooperation with Giant Lazer at the WSB University in Wrocław, we managed to create one of the most modern VR laboratories in Poland.

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In one room, we managed to gather a lot of the equipment needed to use not only VR but also AR or MR. These include VR glasses, green box (i.e., a very large green screen with walls and floor), modern computers, and advanced programs. All of this provides both effective and professional technical conditions for students.

In the VR laboratory, students can not only experience situations they will have to deal with after graduation but also design their own solutions that will be available to them at further stages of their professional path.

This is a solution not only for future programmers or people attending the VR specialization. The laboratory is a development tool for students of various faculties. It can support designers who want to see their projects in a realistic form before their actual creation or logisticians who need to experience and see a specific process.

Regardless of the field of study or specialization, it is a versatile solution for students and an opportunity for a better start in the technology industry. Especially that the VR laboratory is also an invitation for company representatives to cooperate with students in the field of VR technology development.

Thanks to the investment in the VR laboratory, the WSB University in Wrocław not only stands out from other universities but also provides both practical and future-oriented solutions that prepare students for their chosen profession in an attractive way. Sounds a lot like the University of the Future.

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