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Giant Lazer XR Lab. Virtual reality in the laboratory

Why was the Giant Lazer Lab XR educational solution created?

In cooperation with Giant Lazer, one of the most modern laboratories in Poland based on immersion technologies has been opened at WSB University. Lab XR has combined the latest achievements in virtual, augmented, and mixed-reality technologies to respond to students’ current educational needs.

WSB University in Wrocław


WSB University is the largest group of private universities in Poland. WSB in Wrocław has existed since 1998. Since then, it has been proving that nothing stands in the way of reconciling education with work and personal life following the idea of work-life balance. The practical knowledge provided by experts, as well as the openness of employees, prompt WSB to constantly look for modern solutions that will provide students with practical knowledge and experience.


The creation of a laboratory that would bring together all three VR, AR, and MR technologies

  • The development of an efficient and multifunctional laboratory that, using modern standards, would prepare future programmers, graphic and game designers, new media creators, and engineers to practice their profession. Due to the rapidly modernizing world, we can be confident that they will easily design and implement solutions based on virtual reality technologies in their companies in the near future.
  • Adapting the academic space to the most effective and comfortable use of VR tools, including several sets of professional goggles, a large green screen with walls and floor (green box), advanced computers, and programs.
  • Students will take part in testing the available applications created by Giant Lazer. In addition, they will often have the opportunity to design their own solutions in the laboratory that can then be used in their future professional path.

Providing students and lecturers with a modern space to implement projects in immersion technologies, where they can invite business representatives to work together on new concepts and implement them in various industries or other sectors.


Opening space with new immersion technologies

What does this mean?

The combination of the university’s capabilities and VR specialists resulted in the creation of the XR laboratory. Through it, Giant Lazer provided students and their lecturers with practical and professional technical conditions to introduce future graduates to the latest achievements in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technology. Students can learn how to create VR and XR applications in the laboratory zone using the following goggles: HTC Vive Pro, Valve Index, Oculus Quest, and smart glasses.

Familiarizing students with the operation of VR equipment

How was this achieved?

The laboratory combines top-class equipment, graphic programs, and comfortably ample space. Its essential equipment includes the green zone covering the walls and floor (the so-called green box), which, with the simultaneous use of a special Motion Capture Rokoko suit, allows you to capture the user’s movements and then transfer them in real-time to a 3D character.

Giving WSB students in Wrocław many opportunities

What else does Lab XR offer?

In addition to education in technology, IT, management engineering, and logistics, Giant Lazer wanted to enable students to develop real solutions in response to market needs. The laboratory’s capabilities can also be used in a business context as an invitation for company representatives to cooperate with students in developing XR technology and looking for practical applications for them.


Motion Capture Rokoko
Oculus Quest 2
Microsoft Hololens 2
HTC Vive Pro
Valve Index
Realwear HMT-1


  • Success #1 | The Giant Lazer XR Lab is already used by WSB Wrocław students

The laboratory has been thriving since its inception. Giant Lazer specialists personally conduct classes with students. Throughout the several years of cooperation with WSB University, teaching aids based on XR technologies have been designed and implemented for computer science, management engineering, and logistics students.

  • Success #2 | An effective response to the requirements of the labor market

That what students learn in the XR Lab and by using its equipment and then during independent designing projects, is becoming increasingly popular among large companies. Becoming familiar with XR technology can be crucial and extremely useful for future graduates looking for a job.

  • Success #3 | A better start for students in the technology industry

The use of state-of-the-art equipment to support virtual and augmented reality in Lab XR helps educate staff for modern industries such as VR software development and game dev. Thanks to this, graduates are in a better position when entering the competitive labor market.

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