It seems like COVID-19 is here to stay (at least for longer than we thought), no matter how hard we try to live our lives as if everything is finally back to normal. But despite of that, it’s not easy to admit that by now the virus had massively changed the way we behave on an everyday basis – in terms of social communication, business,  education, and overall (physical and mental) wellbeing.

Luckily modern technology come with new solutions, ready to help us not only to survive but also to mantain in a relatively steady and safe reality. Especially when it comes to VR, more people learned about its potential while being in need of useful communication tools. But it’s just one of many ways it improved our current lifestyle. What ways? Read on.

Due to COVID-19, many business owners are experiencing drastic changes in both financial and human resources management. Some of them are struggling to adjust, some had to surrender. But many have survived, partly by redesigning their whole communication systems. All because of the safety issues, for example, the distancing matter.

To prevent virus spread, coworkers are now working apart, getting used to the home office environment. And for now, this scenario seems very solid, even to the point, when experts are forecasting a serious increase of remote workers even after the COVID-19 crisis. But the question is – how to make remote work better in terms of productivity and communication of course.

Virtual reality in business can grow from $829 million in 2018 to $4.26 billion in 2023 – ARtillery Intelligence

First of all, for more natural cooperation, people need to be present, which isn’t easy when all we have is a single camera and a microphone. It’s still just an image, without any immersive feel to it. There is however a new approach to hosting online business meetings, and it’s rapidly getting wide attention because of low costs, risk-free training, and time efficiency.

By 2030 up to 23.5 million jobs around the world would use AR and VR for training and work meetings – PwC

More and more employers are testing and incorporating VR tech in order to create a perfect working space for their teams. Modern applications, such as Vive Sync, Oculus for Business, Rumii, or Spatial, give users a chance to exchange ideas and present data and projects in carefully designed social rooms. Every business partner can now create his or her individual avatar, which enhances the immersive aspect of communication. They can even use basic interactions, such as handshaking or high fiving. It’s clearly a step forward in remote communication that is changing the way we work.


The same technology is now helping students, and training groups to effectively learn through online meetings. Teachers, professors, and instructors can collaborate with the participants face to face, using virtual tools, such as boards and screens to present important topics, by showing interactive scales, video clips, or even 3D models.

VR learning practically bursts with potential. It reaches high effectiveness levels by stimulating spatial memory and allowing users to master various skills in different programmable scenarios. It’s just about the first-person experience.

Moreover, virtual classes seem very natural for students, who are used to gather in a common space, interacting and making a contact not only with a teacher but also with each other. They can ask questions freely, take notes or present essays. Some reports say that young people are much more active during classes, because of the excitement of virtual technology and new possibilities it gives them. For many, it’s just a much more engaging way to spend the day at school.

But let’s not forget – there’s much more to life than work and school. Physical activity and mental resting is the key to stay creative, productive and driven every day. That’s why it’s so important to overcome COVID-related issues and try to do apply some self-care as well as we can, staying safe and making sure, others are safe too.

With virtual reality, even sports and tourism seems possible. It’s all about combining needed gear with virtual reality hardware. For example, a bicycle and proper movement sensors, as in the Blync VR project, which is now being in development.

It’s basically a headset paired with two sensors keeping track of the speed and direction of our bicycle ride. The prototype is suggesting a very impressive immersion effect and a possibility of riding through different premade maps (which in the future could represent different places from around the world). 

But for now, while waiting for the success of the Blync crowdfunding campaign, we can enjoy a pretty similar experience with VZFIT solution, prepared for stationary bike users. The app offers workout, race, and arcade modes, merging healthy activity with fun and competition.

But if you enjoy the destination even more than the journey, we’d rather recommend to you some apps that are made especially for curious globetrotters. It’s all about the close-to-the-real experience of visiting the most beautiful places on Earth (but not only) so that developers use high-definition photos and videos, sometimes enriched with the directed scenes that help to deliver the most immersive feel.

Without really going anywhere, you can visit the most distant spots with the Discovery VR and YouVisit, or even feel the lack of gravity with National Geographic.

While using VR hardware during COVID-19 pandemic, it’s very important not to forget about the basic hygiene that will prevent us from spreading the virus, for example by passing it to other users.

The easiest way to stay safe especially when sharing VR headset and controllers with others is to use:

– alcohol-free antibacterial wipes for the hard surfaces,

– regular glasses cleaning wipes for the lenses,

– replaceable pads/foams for individual users,

– washable covers for the headset.

Remember to double-check the places that you tend to touch the most, like nose area and parts you grab to put the headset on. Also, make sure to let the gear dry completely after the cleaning. Just leave it be and wait till the next use.

These are just a couple of ideas that are changing our lives during COVID-19 pandemic. It’s important to take care of ourselves, as well as our friends and family – at home, during a class or at work. 

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