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VR training module in the field
of risk evaluation

For the needs of the industry 4.0 company, we have prepared a VR application
that is part of training courses on risk assessment and designing safety systems in production plants.

PILZ Polska


Pilz is a global supplier of automation products, systems, and services. The company does not compromise on the safety of people, machines, and the environment. As a family business with a long tradition and presence all over the world, it aims to be a reliable partner for companies.


Production of a training application for comfortable
learning of safety procedures in the workplace

  • In traditional training that lasts many hours, the challenge is to keep the attention and commitment of the students. Although the trainers use teaching aids such as presentations and films, some of the issues require visiting the factory and learning on the example of working devices.
  • According to the project, virtual reality was to be used to help overcome these problems and add value to the existing training program conducted by Pilz Polska.

Moving the workspace to virtual reality allows you to reduce training costs and the potential risk of accidents during learning


VR training for the elimination of the risk
of accidents when operating robots

  • Together with the Pilz Polska training department, we developed a scenario that was to show how employees are exposed to robot collisions and how hardware solutions and safety procedures eliminate this risk.
  • We proposed to prepare a VR application for Samsung Gear VR mobile goggles with the Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • Later, hardware support was extended to the Oculus Go VR goggles.
  • The user can navigate the robotic application – he can observe accidents and safety procedures from different perspectives. It is possible to enter the fencing.


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey

Designing the gameplay

3D graphics creation
and programming

Adaptation to target devices

Thanks to VR technology, employees have the opportunity to better understand the potential danger. During the training, the chosen conductor explains risk factors and security solutions illustrated in 3D graphics.


Samsung Gear VR


  • Success # 1 | More effective training

The use of the experiential learning method improves the effectiveness of learning. Virtual reality significantly increases engagement. Company employees achieved better focus on course content due to full immersion.

  • Success # 2 | A scalable solution

The application can be used by 8 students at the same time. It is possible to buy more sets. The training can therefore be adapted to a group of employees of any size, depending on the needs.

  • Success # 3 | Variety of training sessions

The Pilz Polska office purchased 2 Samsung Gear VR sets and 8 Oculus Go sets. The VR application is used in several trainings for the company’s clients. After several months of use, we can see that the half-hour break in the form of a VR experience is an invigorating and engaging element of a full-day training session.

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