Education and new technologies go hand in hand, which is easy to observe, especially in the virtual and augmented reality branches of innovation. According to some studies, immersive systems allow students to experience even abstract topics and make them more likely to absorb presented knowledge.

This January, we had a chance to present another two applications dedicated to WSB University students interested in management and logistics. The software is a part of a more significant university project we are lucky to work on for the next months. Read on to find more about our new apps.

Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa is one of our key collaborators in terms of developing educational VR applications. This ongoing partnership has improved our skills and creative processes when it comes to preparing particular software that covers the university’s technical and substantive needs.

So what’s new, you may ask. We’ve got a double delivery of two original apps behind us. Bot of them was designed especially for WSB university students. Now, let’s look at them closely.

The first one is a sales team management simulator that challenges students with specific supervising tasks. It allows them to test methods of communication within the department, as well as to analyze and distinguish different management methods. With this VR experience, users can learn about motivation factors, mobbing, or the most popular team building techniques.

The second one is a virtual warehouse space editor. With the use of VR controllers, students can choose and manipulate the specific parts of logistics infrastructure. This VR application for prototyping warehouses enables students to construct space in the mock-up mode (with functions of free movement, scaling, etc.) and test solutions in terms of employee experience in the 1:1 format.

During last years our journey resulted in three unique apps:

Pack Rage, which is a logistics-themed game designed for both high school and WSB University students. It merges education with the physical competition. The task is to throw packages into the appropriate transporters within a given time. The more packages land in the right transporter, the more points we get.

Geometry in VR – an engaging course that contains 30 puzzles one must solve using knowledge about spatial figures. The challenge is to manipulate the figures to create various keys that fit into the given holes.

Geography in VR is divided into five sections representing all the continents. All of them lead us to a different quiz about a given continent, with questions referring to flags, maps, and specific objects.

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