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Educational competition in
a logistic VR application

Logistics game for high school students and students of WSB University in Wrocław,
serving as an introduction to the topic of deliveries, sorting, and storage.

WSB University Wroclaw


WSB University sets standards in the field of adaptation of new technologies for the education sector. Through the use of immersive and engaging products – including VR games and applications – WSB develops not only the recruitment process but also the way of conducting training courses.


Developing the ability to efficiently analyze
and assess the situation in working conditions

  • In the original assumption, the game was to be a realistic representation of the logistics process. However, after testing the prototype and consulting with the client, we quickly came to the conclusion that the game should be a bit unreal, set in a visually attractive environment.
  • We continued the conceptual work in a soft, youthful sci-fi atmosphere. We made drawings for each essential element of the game to achieve visual consistency. We made models based on drawing concepts.

We wanted to make the game easier for most players for whom Pack Rage is the first contact with VR (6DoF tracking and controllers). After putting on the goggles, the user can take part in a tutorial, in which he can learn about physics in VR and the rules of the game.

Proper gameplay begins at a slow pace. The player has time to look around the scene, identify the closest transporter.

The robots start throwing packages to the player in such a way that they can be caught one at a time and loaded into one transporter. Over the course of several dozen seconds, the player, who is usually clumsy after putting on the goggles, gradually becomes fit. More transporters arrive. During the three minutes of the game, the pace of throwing packages is smoothly increased, reaching the maximum in the last seconds of the game, and the player has to operate as many as 5 transporters.


Learning technical details in the form of virtual entertainment

  • A polished and visually styled application that appeals to a youthful audience
  • Ease of implementing the user into the game through a tutorial
  • Logistics learning through manual motor tasks and reflex training


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey

Designing the gameplay

3D graphics creation
and programming

Adaptation to target devices

Pack Rage audio is an essential part of the VR experience. The action taking place around the player is intentionally disorienting, and the player’s challenge is to locate incoming packages and efficiently distribute them to the trucks around.

We made sure that the player faces not only his skills or time – there are also obstacles and dangers that should be avoided in the game. All these elements emit their own sounds in space and help the player to identify these elements even when they are behind the back.
The player has a chance to hear an incoming item in order to turn around and catch it in time. If, on the other hand, he throws a parcel while looking in a different direction, he can tell by the sound whether he has hit or not. The sound element significantly influences the quality and dynamics of the game.


HTC Vive 


  • Success # 1 | Innovative education

WSB University is a university that sets standards in the adaptation of new technologies to the needs of student education. Together with us, when preparing a VR game, WSB supports the recruitment process and sets the direction for the development of training using modern IT techniques.

  • Success # 2 | Great for promo-events

Our application works well both in the classroom and during promotional events of the WSB University. It is a solution that builds a sense of competition, and at the same time presents the innovative nature of the university. The stand with the Pack Rage game has often become the most spectacular point of the exhibition zones.

  • Success # 3 | Audiovisual experience

Thanks to the work of Giant Lazer graphic designers, the application is distinguished by great models, combining si-fi styling with fairy-tale accessibility. This underlines the entertaining nature of our project, which would also not be complete without the work of sound designers and the characteristic soundtrack by Sebastian Ładyżyński.

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