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Educational applications:
geography and geometry

VR application presenting students with practical knowledge of political and social geography, as well as the basics of geometry

WSB University Wroclaw


WSB University sets standards in the field of adaptation of new technologies for the education sector. Through the use of immersive and engaging products – including VR games and applications – WSB develops not only the recruitment process but also the course of the training sessions.


Attractive presentation of geographic
issues and the basics of geometry

  • We often stress that the best way to gain knowledge is through experience – touching, holding, moving, or assembling objects in order to fully understand the ideas and rules behind them.
  • This time, our task was to create a special educational platform that would include two different applications for the Oculus Go platform – their topics were to be geometry and geography, and both were to correspond to the level of high school education.
  • Therefore, we received two different topics, but also one main goal – to prepare virtual tasks that will challenge young, developing minds.

The applications were also supposed to include interactive aspects such as scaling, dragging or moving objects. Fortunately, the VR environment is the best place to play with 3D models.


Interesting, logical challenges and
a student-friendly formula of the game

  • Divided into two parts, the game serves as an introduction to the subject of spatial geometry and geography at the high school level.
  • To make both products as accessible as possible, we have prepared a platform that allows teachers to quickly configure a virtual lesson from the level of a web application. With it, you can start playing on students’ headsets at any time.


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey


3D graphics creation
and programming

Adaptation to target devices

The application dedicated to geometry is as many as thirty addictive puzzles. Each of them, from the easiest to the most demanding, is based on a simple system: creating figures (in the form of keys) that match the appropriate holes.

By taking on geometric challenges, the user can capture complex shapes and have a closer look at them. Then he assembles them, using controllers to manipulate freely and combine the solids. We consider any challenge completed when the matching figures are properly arranged with respect to space and perspective, casting a shadow in the right shape.

The geography part of the game, on the other hand, consists of five main levels, corresponding to the five continents. Quests await players, including ABCD quizzes on each continent, relating to flags, maps and specific objects. Each set of tasks also includes several mini-games, such as arranging maps and finding culturally distinctive items.


VR headset


  • Success # 1 | An educational VR experience

In cooperation with WSB University, we have managed to create interesting and effective teaching applications dedicated to high school students. They are able, through practical experience, to introduce students to the interesting and diverse world of geography and geometry. It is an adventure full of creative challenges.

  • Success # 2 | Virtual means effective

By transferring maps and geometric figures to virtual reality, we give students more than just book knowledge. By using VR equipment, they can better focus on learning and interact with the created space and experience what they learn about. As a result, the information obtained will stay with them for longer.

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