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Health and safety training in 360º video technology

Occupational health and safety training is generally dubious about employees. They are very often an unpleasant duty, instead of an opportunity to expand their competences in the field of health protection in the workplace.

ING Bank Śląski has decided that it wants to change this.

ING Bank Śląski


One of the most recognizable commercial banks present on the Polish market, providing services to both private and business clients and having over 300 branches throughout the country.


Engaging training for office workers

  • HR departments belonging to developing companies are increasingly looking for attractive and effective alternatives to traditional occupational health and safety activities.
  • The goal of human resource management is to capture the attention of their employees during similar training sessions.
  • Thanks to the focus, managers can count on the team to appropriately absorb the issues presented, and the organized activities will be something more than occupying chairs and desks in the hope of quickly obtaining the necessary certification.

We were given a dream task: to make H&S training something attractive and, above all, working – and with the help of immersive solutions.


Easily accessible and effective health and safety training

  • Our goal was to design an application constituting OHS training, integrated with the Bank’s intranet.
  • We based our project on a series of interactive films (including scenes, timelapses) created in 360 video technology. Each of them represented a different situation in which each employee must make decisions based on the principles of occupational health and safety.
  • Therefore, we have accurately reproduced the office space and the conditions that prevail in it during specific random events, such as in the event of a fire hazard or emergency and the need for resuscitation.

We wanted the system to be available to the widest possible group of employees, which is why we enabled them to train both in a traditional form, via the website, and on mobile devices equipped with a gyroscope, thanks to the use of WebVR functionality.


Gathering project assumptions

Defining user journey

Designing the experience

360° video editing
and programming

Adaptation to target
learning management system

In order to reflect the drama and realism as faithfully as possible, thanks to the film work, as well as the participation of, inter alia, a fully equipped fire brigade unit, we included the storytelling aspect in the project. Its key task was to evoke a strong impression of user immersion. In this way, we stimulated him to actively acquire knowledge, which was checked by subsequent quizzes.


Mobile devices


  • Success # 1 | Useful training system

By selecting a visually engaging medium, which are films created in 360 technology, we have managed to create affordable and interesting health and safety training for employees of ING Bank Śląski.

  • Success # 2 | Engaging scenarios

360 films recorded in the ING office are a great introduction of new employees to the work environment with which they will have real contact. So we offered the company a tailor-made system.

  • Success # 3 | A future-proof solution

We plan to expand the offer of courses with the use of 360 clips with new items that can work in many companies similar to ING. We believe that through modern and friendly means we are able to significantly increase the possibilities of in-house film courses.

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